Five Reasons People Come Back To Adelaide To Call It Home

When you don’t live in Adelaide, you miss the little things… Model and American native Heston Stutz tells us why she loves Adelaide and what she missed when she wasn’t living here…


We all know someone who has moved to Adelaide from interstate or overseas. There are so many reason why people choose to call Adelaide home, but here are some of the top reasons from model/entrepreneur Heston Stutz.

You may or may not have heard of Heston before, but the American born model, actress and business owner called Adelaide home for five years, before heading back abroad in 2010 to be closer to her family. She ran her own successful cafe in Charleston, South Carolina, but with a family to raise, the lure of Adelaide was just too strong to ignore and so she returned.


Heston Stutz in all her modelling glory.

We asked her what she missed about Adelaide while she was gone and why she feels that Adelaide really is a great place to call home and here’s what she had to say….

+The ability to drive 25 minutes, traffic free, and be in entirely different geographic surroundings: the beach, the city, the hills, the vineyards. We are so lucky to have everything so easily accessible here. It is so tangible to spend a random weekend at a winery in the Adelaide Hills, when all it take is a 20 minute drive up the freeway.

winter vineyard

There is a plethora of stunning South Australian wineries to visit, and so close to the city…

+The love of fresh food and its availability. Central Market is my happy place. The abundance of fresh fruit, bread, sweets, cheese, just everything that you could love about food and eating, all in one convenient and buzzing hub of amazing!

We are so lucky to have access to such a phenomenal market!

We are so lucky to have access to such a phenomenal market!

+The sense of community. I live in North Adelaide and although we’re 2 minutes from the CBD, there’s a warming small town feel, a sense of familiarity… your local barista, your butcher, your dry cleaner – they all know you by name. It’s especially welcome if, like me, you are so far from family.

+The catering to little people. From brilliant schools to family friendly festivals, Adelaide is truly the best place to raise children. The Adelaide Fringe Festival, WOMAD, Oz Asiafest, the list of great family friendly festivals could go on…

The Come Out Festival is just one of the many child friendly festivals in Adelaide.

The Come Out Festival is just one of the many child friendly festivals in Adelaide.

+The affordability. Adelaide provides a great balance. It has all the amenities of a large city but the cost of living of a small town. This especially attractive to young families like us who want to be able to live in a city home but not have to sacrifice luxuries like travel and dining.

Adelaide really is a fantastic place to live, work and raise a family. Although I miss my family back home, Adelaide really is too amazing to stay away from!

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