5 Reasons To Book The Crazy $259 Flight To Hawaii

Here’s why you should be dropping your dollary-doos on crazy cheap flights to Hawaii.

Christmas has come early folks. Nothing to see here…we’re just going to go and drop a mere $259 on flights to Hawaii. Pfft…peanuts! I mean while we love exploring South Australia, our travel bug will always want us to travel further and further away from home. We can’t help it sometimes. Jetstar have descended from heaven to give us low low prices for both domestic and international flights. You’re probably rushed to the Jetstar website as soon as you read that.

The sale doesn’t last long so if you’re ready to say Aloha goodbye, Aloha hello to the tropical paradise, then get on to it quick. As you get your passport ready for stamping, here’s five amazing experiences you’ll have to check out, but here’s one tip before we get into it. Leave the grass skirt and flowered shirt at home, looking like a tourist isn’t too cool.

Roaring waterfalls to explore

Picturesque waterfalls await in Hawaii. You’ll find them on every island and it’s your task to explore them all and pick a favourite! They’re perfect to hike and take a refreshing dip afterwards, get a bird’s-eye view soaring over them in a spectacular helicopter tour or just to sit on the edge watching the roaring stream fall down into a lagoon beneath.

A National Park full of Volcanos 

We’ve got volcanos in Australia, heck we even have five in South Australia, but not many people think about it. Hawaii though has a national park full of them! Now, you’re probably thinking why would I want to travel all the way overseas to look a mountain that may or may not spurt lava out and ultimately make you meet your doom! Well, we say live a little and leave the dramatics at home. The is the chance for adventure and see a landscape change right before your eyes. Not to mention there’s underground chambers cleared out by molten lava that will take you to a tropical rainforest to continue exploring.

The food … need we say more?

But, we will! There’s nothing quite like the food of the Hawaiians! No, we’re not talking about ham and pineapple pizzas. The blend of Indigenous, European, American and Japanese flavours will have your eyes wide and turn into love hearts. You’ll be looking like the emoji. To get authentic cuisine you have to go straight to the source with Hawaiian fresh produce coming straight from their sea, plucked out of trees and dug out the ground. You’ll be seeing fireworks after the first bite of Poke or Loco Moco. With five islands to explore just think about all the places waiting for you to eat there. It’s the ultimate foodie experience!

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Watch local surfers take on the big waves … or tackle the smaller waves yourself!

Hawaii is the mecca for surfing with its five islands surrounded by some of the world’s most tallest and cleanest waves ready to be ridden before crashing onto the shore. With pristine beaches all around you can relax on the sand while watching the pros fly through the water with ease. Gazing at the talent right before your eye’s will turn you into a wanna-be pro and next thing you’ll know a surfboard is in your hand and you’ll be diving deep into the ocean. One thing to remember you’re not Kelly Slater, so still have a crack at the Hawaiian surf, but perhaps get a handle of the basic by giving the good ole amateur waves a try before you work your way up to the big leagues.

Evening mission splendor

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An all round adventure 

Most people think holidaying in a tropical paradise should be spent relaxing on a beach sipping cocktails out of coconuts. While this is true you can’t leave without having a little adventure. Dive out of your comfortable a tackle an adrenaline rushing experience like skydiving, swimming with the sharks, zip-lining or mountain bike riding through picturesque forests or any water-sport you’ve always wanted to try, but never have the time to do at home. May flying through the air on the extreme jet pack ride.

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Your tickets are book, passport out, bags pack and …. really you couldn’t leave the Hawaiian shirt behind? It’s time to journey across the ocean to the magical paradise filled with Instagram-worthy moments to make you family and friends back at home feel mighty jealous.

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