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Five Things We Loved About New Club Super California

There’s a new kid on the block… well actually it’s an old kid. No wait, wait, we’ve got it… the comeback kids on the block.

Photo: Meaghan Coles

There’s a new kid on the block… well actually it’s an old kid. No wait, wait, we’ve got it… the comeback kids on the block.

That’s right party lovers; Like Kylie Minogue shedding the days of ‘The Loco-Motion’ and blossoming into the gold hot-pant cladded butterfly that brought the world ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’, so have the guys that brought us Tijuana Showgirls and (the somewhat controversial) Go Go Ladyboy, shed their past and blossomed into the beauty of Super California.

Picture the glory days of Pamela Anderson and the Hoff, don your roller skates and get ready to party because Super California is here. Here’s five things we loved at Friday night’s launch party.

Fruit Juice Bar Almost an ode to the Vodka Bar days (if you’re old enough to recall their glory) Super California has blessed us with a freshly squeezed juice bar! The health conscious among us can feel right at home here, the rest of us mixed that magic with vodka to help our dancing shoes move a little quicker. Plus they then pop it all in a Super California branded takeaway cup with a lid. So no spills. Win.

Desert Cactus Mural The gorgeous new desert cactus mural that covers one of the walls totally had us feeling the Coachella vibes. Perfect for this time of year where our FOMO is high. The painting spreads into the ceiling and the lights make you feel as though you’re staring in the desert night sky. Don’t get too mesmerised. 

Life Saver Dj Booth Taking the lyrics ‘Last night a DJ saved my life’ to a whole new level, the new DJ booth is designed as an elevated beach lifeguard hut with ramps leading up to the decks. It’s also now front and centre of the dance floor ensuring those puppet masters making you groove can watch your excellent/questionable dance moves.  

Shot Paddles For when it reaches that time in the evening when somebody yells ‘shotttttsss’ but you can’t get everyone to the bar (don’t act like you’ve never been there, tequila gets the better of us all at times.) It’s clear the bar team have seen this all too many times and come up with a simple yet innovative solutions: shot paddles. Picture the beer tasting paddles at popular craft breweries with smaller holes… and unconfirmed results.

Indoor Plant Loving It appears that lush succulents and hanging gardens aren’t just for funky cafes and hipster coffee shops. And this revelation excites us. Yes it’s just simple decor, but it totally adds to the awesome vibe here. Bringing the outdoors indoors makes it feel like summer all year round, which from what we can tell, is exactly what Super California is all about.

So if the cooler months are getting you down and you need a place to party that injects some summer sun back into your life… this is it. Though after a shot paddle or two we can’t guarantee you’ll remember it. #DrinkResponsibly  

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