Five top reasons you should skydive this winter

Looking for an adrenaline rush? We’ve put together a list of five reasons why you should consider skydiving this winter.

Ever wanted to sky dive? For so many of us, it is something that has been sitting on our bucket list for years.

Here are five reasons why you should face your fears and go sky diving this winter. While people usually opt for skydiving in the warmer months, SA Skydiving has put together some compelling points for why you should definitely consider crossing it off your bucket list this winter.

1. Best Weather Conditions

Yes, it can be a little fresh, but according to SA Skydiving, the most favourable conditions for flying parachutes in winter.

Parachutes like cool, stable air. You can expect nice smooth plane rides and more importantly, nice smooth parachute flights with cool, stable air in winter. Less risk of turbulence during your canopy flight and helps ensure a nice smooth landing.

Generally, we get the nicest wind conditions in Autumn and Winter.

2. The views

Aside from the intense thrill, one of the top reasons people enjoy skydiving is the opportunity to get amazing views.

Cool air is also clearer air. In winter, you can see for miles. Considering jumping over Basham Beach? You’re more likely have crystal clear long distance views of the south coast, Coorong, Murray Mouth and Kangaroo Island. Jumping over Langhorne Creek, you’ll see Lake Alexandrina, Lake Albert, the Murray River, The Bend Motorsport Park and the Coorong National Park.

Plus, it’s also peak whale season, so you have boosted chances of seeing dolphins and whales over Basham Beach. What a treat that would be!

3. There are great deals

Yes, of course, everyone loves a bargain.

Many skydiving operators, such as SA Skydiving, run specials during winter, meaning there is no excuse not to go skydiving. SA Skydiving is offering jumps from as low as $229 per person, so make sure you act quick to snap up this deal.

4. Best time to host a group

SA Skydiving’s Langhorne Creek dropzone also has the ideal dropzone for hosting group jumps. Take advantage of the ‘off-season’ and enjoy all the perks. Get the full dropzone experience by:

  • enjoying some food or barista coffee from our new cafe
  • choosing from a wide range of beverages from the new bar
  • indoor and outdoor fire places
  • onsite accommodation

5. Less crowds

Another advantage of skydiving in the winter? There are way less crowds at the dropzone.

This means that not only is there less waiting time for you, but the overall feel of the drop zone is generally more relaxed and chilled out. This is ideal for those looking for a more laid-back experience. Winter is definitely your best bet.

For more information on SA Skydiving, check out their website.

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