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Five Funny Fringe Shows You Must See In 2016

If you’re ready for a giggle, but not keen for the super star celebrities here’s the unexpectedly sidesplitting shows you need to see in 2016.

Fringe time in SA, although one of the greatest events in our annual calendar, can be a little daunting. How do you even begin to pick the shows you’d like to see!? Well take it easy and don’t stress because we have you covered… This year we will be bringing you bite sized guides to help you narrow down the choices and make those decisions a whole lot easier!

SO if you’re ready for a giggle, here are the unexpectedly sidesplittingly funny shows you need to see this Fringe season:

Caught in the Cross Wire First time duo Chong Liaw and Russell Hartup are absolutely hilarious in this stand-up come musical show. The pair point out how even the smallest differences in our lives, cultures and perception can leave us with crossed wires, and thus hilarious results. The long term friends had our sides splitting, plus we were blown away by Chong’s electric guitar skills! Rock on hombre.

Women Like Us Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs bring the chicks (and dudes if you’re all about the woman power) a really down to earth giggle. This show is smart, loud, funny, insightful, honest, irreverent and rude. It is all about making everyone feel normal and that perfection ain’t as great as what they feed us in the media and in online mothers forums. A great one to have with a glass of wine. Read more here

Paul Dabek- The I Hate Children Children’s Show One to actually take the kids along to, but not one that has the adults bored out of their minds with whoopie cushions and hide and seek (there’s no “He’s behind youuuu” in this show.) A bit of an all-rounder in that it’s not just comedy, but magic too. Children are the natural-born enemy of the magician and nowhere is this more evident than in this show, as all kids (eight years and over) are invited to get on stage and participate. With little ones coming with all personalities and levels of stage confidence we cannot wait to see how each one of these shows unfolds. Undoubtedly hilarity will ensue.

Brandon J Mannarino- Depression and Shoelaces He’s a little dry, he’s a little crude and he’s a little pessimistic but that’s why we love him. We’ve seen Brandon at many Adelaide Comedy nights across the city and he never fails to leave the crowd roaring with laughter. He has had sold out shows at both Fringe 2013 and 2014, so we’re keen to see what 2016 brings for this bearded wonder. Depression and Shoelaces… the title leaves us with many questions, and the show probably won’t have the answers to those questions. But you’ll be laughing nonetheless.

The Eulogy Light hearted but so well written. This is more theatre meets comedy than just stand up but rolls out the hilarity all the same. We’re talking song, dance, impressions and more with Michael who critics have truly raved about. He’s had audiences spitting their drinks over each other and people quite literally wetting themselves, so you know, maybe try and hit the bathroom prior and only take quick little sips of your drink throughout?

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