Five Ways To Get Spring Racing Carnival Ready

It may seem early, but you will be thanking us come race day. Get the top five tips to being Spring Racing Carnival ready here

“And they’re off!”

The Spring Racing Carnival season is upon us and every filly worth her weight in fashion will no doubt be giving plenty of thought to getting race ready. However, unless you’re a supermodel, a trophy winning look doesn’t just happen in the blink of an eye. It takes some planning. And, it may seem early, but now’s the time to start.

Here are 5 ways to get Spring Racing Carnival ready easily and stylishly…

Plan your outfit

This tip is a bit of a no-brainer, but essential nonetheless.

First up, take into consideration the event you’re attending. Does it have a theme? For example, if you’re heading to Derby Day then you know you’ll be wearing black and white. Also be mindful that it’s the races, not a nightclub. Ladies, keep the hemlines modest and obey ‘The Chicken Rule’ – breasts or legs. Not both.

Next, think about the weather. Will you need some kind of jacket option? Consider whether a blazer, cape or coat will work best with your outfit and have it on standby just in case.

Then, accessories. You don’t need to bling yourself up like a Christmas tree to shine. Think about your outfit as a whole and work out what pieces would look best. If you’re rocking statement earrings, opt for a bracelet or arm party. Layers of fine rings or a bold cocktail ring look fab when paired with a statement necklace. It’s all about balance.

And finally, headwear. It’s the races after all! Get into the spirit and get yourself a crown, fascinator or full blown milliner’s dream.

The races really are the perfect occasion to amp up the glam factor in a sophisticated style.

Get real about your shoes

As much as you might looove those sky high stilettos, there are some stark realities standing between you and those heels: grass, champagne and a very long day.

Opt for a block heel or pair of wedges to avoid any sinking feelings and maximise comfort. If a slimline heel is going to suit your outfit better, dial down the height a bit to make sure you can last the distance in them.

Shoes are the full stop to an outfit’s sentence. They’re the finishing touch that can make or break an ensemble. And choosing the right – or wrong – pair can mean the difference between being the girl who’s walking tall or the one doing the walk of shame (with heels in hand).

Book your beauty appointments

Now’s the time to get your beautician on speed dial and lock in those beauty appointments, because chances are she’s going to be super busy during the Spring Racing Carnival.

If you’re a spray tan aficionado, book it in two days prior to the event and opt for a light or medium shade. A faux glow looks its best on day two as it has had time to settle into your skin and by not going too dark, you’ll look beautifully sunkissed. Plus your tan will last a lot longer (and will fade evenly rather than going patchy). And don’t forget to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

To ensure you have great looking nails that last (almost) as long as the racing season, book in for a Shellac mani and pedi. Opt for lighter colours on your fingers such as neutrals, metallics and pastels because they tend to last a lot longer than their darker counterparts. As for your toes? They literally last forever, so choose any colour you like. If you’re headed to more than one event, take your outfits into consideration. The safest bet is to go neutral with your nails, as they’ll match whatever you wear.

Guarantee a great hair day

Your hair is your most important accessory: you wear it every single day.

Consider your headwear and determine the hairstyle that will work best with it and also your outfit.

If you’re wearing your hair down, invest in a professional blow-dry on the day of the event. If you’re booked in the day before, be sure to loosely clip your hair up prior to going to bed. This way the next morning when you let it down, you’ve preserved the volume and style of the day before.

If you’re wearing your hair up, take some spare bobby pins and/or clear elastic hair ties in your bag for touch-ups. Actually, this is a great idea if you’re wearing your hair down too. It might become annoying as the day wears on or the wind might not be working in your favour, so you can tie it back or pin a section of hair up.

No bad hair days for you!

Try everything on together

Last but not least – try your outfit on in its entirety well before the event.

This will not only help you see the final look, but also help you determine whether you need to change any elements of your ensemble.

By doing this in advance, you’ll give yourself plenty of time to source and buy any replacement items and eliminate the stress that can come from a last minute panic and mad dash to the shops.

Bonus tip: stay true to your personal style

The races are a great chance to dress up, but don’t lose yourself in the excitement of it all.

Add a touch of personality to your outfit so you not only feel comfortable but confident as well.

Back yourself and your personal style and you’ll be a guaranteed winner come race day!

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