F**k That’s Delicious! 10 Tongue-In-Cheek South Australian Wine Labels

Some wine is classy… and other wine is nothing but class!

Image credit: Some Young Punks

Every now and then, you spy something on the Internet that makes you just WISH you had thought of it first…

In this instance, it’s the handiwork of the Canadian winemakers ‘Lost Inhibitions’ who appear to have the most literal range of wine labels imaginable. Now, wine has made us all feel many things as we drink it, but when the bottle is channelling your spirit animal, you know you’re in for a cracking glass or three…

The Lost Inhibitions range

Now, we love this… but it doesn’t seem to be available here. But fret not! South Australian’s might not be quite as gutter mouth as the Canadians, but we have our fair share of ‘creatively’ labelled wines to share a bottle and a snicker with your friends. Some names should exclusively be given as presents for your very best of friends… others should be given to your boss to see if they get the hint.

Anyway, in no particular order, it’s time to track down some of these:

Some Young Punks, Clare Valley

Naked On Roller Skates Shiraz/Mataro

Share It With… anyone who played it loose and breezy in the disco era. Maybe not Mum.

Quickie Sauvignon Blanc

Share It When… how long do you actually want this Tinder date to last?

Double Love Trouble Nebbiolo/Cabernet

Share It When… Have you double-booked yourself? Maybe everyone can have a sense of humour about it…

Whistler Wines, Barossa Valley

Thank God It’s Friday Shiraz

Share It When… There’s probably an appropriate day of the week.

WTF White Blend

Share It When… We feel like this should be kept in your office desk drawers, and drunk on the spot when the need arises.

Get In My Belly Grenache

Share It When… you want to make it awkward at family gatherings by introducing everyone to your red wine belly bump.

Alpha Box & Dice, McLaren Vale

Golden Mullet Fury Semillon x Riesling

Share It With… Warwick Capper is in town, or your mate makes a bad life decision at the hairdresser.

Tait Wines, Barossa Valley

The Ball Buster Red Blend

Share It With… We feel like anyone involved in a wedding may know someone who needs a bottle.

Kaesler Vineyard, Nurioopta

Old Bastard Shiraz

Share It With… Your old man, to remind him how much you love him.

Mollydooker Wines, McLaren Vale

The Carnival of Love

Share It When… You’ve arrived at the party, put your keys in the bowl like everyone else, and see where the night takes you.

Artwine Estate, Clare Valley

Wicked Stepmother Fiano

Share It With… You know who, on her birthday.

Leave Your Hat On Montepulciano

Share It When… There’s a glint in your Dad’s eye, and your Mum is happy to humour him. Actually, maybe let them share it together and leave the room.

D’Arenberg, McLaren Vale

The LoveGrass Shiraz

Share It When… You catch up with that friend

The Swinging Malaysian Shiraz

Share It When… you miss your overseas travels and enjoying the ‘nightlife’.

The Old Bloke & Three Young Blondes Shiraz Roussanne Viognier Marsanne

Share It When… When you catch up with your Uncle, who remains the black sheep of the family for certain reasons.

If you’re still after some more cheeky drops track down the Bitch Grenache (it’s no longer made in the Barossa) – it is well worth it!

Happy drinking folks!

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