INTERVIEW: Flight Facilities Are Landing In Adelaide!

Aussie Electronic group Flight Facilities had a chat to Glam Adelaide about their upcoming Australian tour, what it’s like hearing their jingle every time they turn on a TV or browse YouTube, and much more!

We had a chat with Hugo of the Aussie Electronic group Flight Facilities. We discussed their upcoming Australian tour, what it’s like hearing their jingle every time they turn on a TV or browse YouTube, as well as all the things they’ve currently got going on.

J: Hey Hugo, great to have you here for a chat. Flight Facilities have got some serious stuff in the works right now, you’ve recently released ‘Need You’, tell me a bit about that track?

H: That track is sort of a return to our original stuff, we just tried to empty our brains and to write a bit more of a brainless track, so to speak. Something simple that people can connect with.

J: You’ve got upcoming shows all around the country in August and September, are you excited to be kicking off the tour?

H: It’s going to be fun to get it back going again. We’ve been touring quite a bit already, we’ve just got to make sure we maintain the same sort of excitement and exuberance, because it can kind of exhaust you pretty quickly. As long as we can maintain some sort of momentum for it, being on tour and playing a lot of shows can run you down pretty quick.

J: You’ve got a couple of the shows on this tour sold out already. What’s it like when you play a sold out show, playing to a packed house that’s there to hear your music?

H: It’s an ego boost. You’ve got to learn to appreciate it, we’re lucky that we can do it. We’re lucky to have been going as long as we have, we need to appreciate every show we do as if it could be the last, hopefully it’s not, but you never know!

J: You’re playing on the 31st of August at Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide, have you played there before?

H: I don’t think so, no.

J: Do you have any crazy stories from your shows or on tour?

H: I can tell you the most recent tour story. I finished the last show in Toronto, I wasn’t feeling that great when I flew home. When I got home I wound up in hospital and had a blood clot in my lung, apparently it was just from too much flying. It’ll get ya! If you’re living a life in planes it can happen when you fly a lot…

J: Is that a common thing?

H: I think it’s more common in people who are about twice my age, but yeah, it can happen. That’s probably the craziest story I’ve had on tour. I’ve got the condition of a fifty five year old man.

J: What’s the next planned flight for Flight Facilities?

H: We’re off to Europe on Tuesday, and we’ve got a show in London next Friday.

J: I wanted to ask you about ‘Claire De Lune’, which was on a Telstra ad, how did that came about?

H: That was through the label really, they approached us, I think they were choosing between that and something else, and they ended up going with our song. It’s pretty weird to hear it on TV so often. It’s one of those hard things sometimes, a lot of people say “It ruined the song, you’re selling out!” or whatever. We don’t mind, at least lots of people are hearing it, we think what Telstra did with it was really tasteful we’re, really happy with what they’ve done on all.

J: What’s your favourite song to play live in your current set?

H: One of my favourite songs from the last album is ‘Merimbula’ we’ll be playing it live in our sets for the next shows, one of the less played songs off that album. Playing those ones that we play less often is always a bit of fun. It’s always really interesting.

J: Do you have a favourite song you’ve written overall?

H: I know for Jimmy its ‘Working Blues’, and for me it’s ‘Merimbula’. We’re both pretty fond of ‘Stranded’ because it’s one of our more ambitious releases and we got so many musicians involved, it has a special place in our hearts.

J: Do you have any final messages for fans?

 H: We’re really looking forward to coming back and releasing the full show, and playing some new music. It’s the beginning of another long road for us, and we hope we can take it to another level.

J: Are you gonna be up to much in Adelaide?

H: Our friend has a pizza place in the middle of nowhere in one of the wine valleys. It’s called ‘V. Mitolo and Son’. They do their own wine, it’s meant to be a really amazing restaurant. He’s a good mate of ours, he played with The Swiss and Empire of the Sun. It’s nice to see him doing something else in another capacity.

J: Thanks for the chat man. I look forward to seeing you here in Adelaide.

Don’t miss Flight Facilities performing in Adelaide at Thebarton Theatre on the 31st August. It’s already sold out in Sydney and Melbourne and sure to be a packed house here too, so get yourself a ticket while you still can!



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Interview By Jonathan Matthews

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