Flowers, Tea and Cake. Sounds Like Paradise Right?

The new Flowerbar at Pasadena Shopping Centre is a simply a stunning concept, with locally grown flowers, handmade desserts, teas and a grand piano set up in the cafe space for customers to play.

Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine you’re on the streets of Rome. Walking around the corner, you see a florist and walk among the different displays. If only you could dwell for longer among the sweet aromas and array of colours, sit among it all and enjoy ‘la bella vita’.

The Flower Bar

The Flower Bar
This imagery is the inspiration behind Flowerbar, a new florist and tea space which opened its doors today at the Pasadena Shopping Centre. It is yet another inspired addition from Chapley Group, who’s family set the standards which led the Frewville Foodland along their path to be awarded the title of Best Supermarket In The World, as named earlier this year by the Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA), which operates in more than 30 countries.

The new Flowerbar is simply a stunning concept. Sitting alongside the Pasadena Foodland, this is a florist where you can find one of the most diverse ranges of flowers in Adelaide, enjoy local handmade cakes from Sweet Lola Desserts and Tea Bar teas, while you shop for beautiful gifts including handmade South Australia candles and soaps. The centre piece though, has to be the grand piano set up out the front of Flowerbar, in the cafe space, where a changing roster of local musicians provide an added touch of whimsy to the atmosphere while greeting people as they come into Flowerbar or the Pasadena Foodland. “Community is at the heart of everything we do,” explains Spero Chapley of the Chapley Group. “We are trying to create community precincts, not just provide a shelf for products to be sold. We want people to look forward to their next visit to our supermarkets so whenever we open a new venture, we are aiming to delight our community with everything that we do. You want to spend time among the smells and the atmosphere as a place that benefits your well being.”

The Flower Bar

Amazing raw and gluten free cakes from Sweet Lola Desserts

The Flower Bar

From live music to cooking demonstrations and tastings, even impromptu ballroom dancing, the Chapley Group have a mandate to surprise throughout their stores. In this sense, Flowerbar is a natural evolution of their ethos and also expands upon the work the Group do alongside YouthInc., to provide opportunities for young South Australians to break the cycle of disadvantage. Aspiring florist Alli is testament to this program, having just started her position as an apprentice with the new store.

The Flower Bar

Alli (Centre Right) with the staff at the Flowerbar

“You have to create an environment that’s welcoming, secure and supportive to provide young people the tools to make the most of this employment, which can be their first ever job,” Spero says. “Our work with Youth Inc. is incredibly important to us and feeds back into the fact that we want to create jobs through our businesses. That’s why we don’t have self-serve checkouts and why we work so hard to create positive working environments. For us, it’s just good business.”

The Flowerbar doesn’t just represent a new business venture, but a new destination in the Adelaide suburbs that is worth making the trip for. Working alongside local suppliers, manufacturers, growers and farmers Spero hopes to continue to change the perception that supermarkets are difficult to work alongside.

“We’ve added these sorts of ventures not because we want to move into hospitality but because hospitality enhances retail and adds a quality of lifestyle to it. The compliments we receive from our customers are what keep us going along this path. We want this to be something special.”

The Flowerbar is open from 8am – 7pm weekdays, 8am – 5pm Saturday and 10am – 5pm Sunday. For more information on YouthInc. visit their website.

The Flower Bar The Flower Bar The Flower Bar The Flower Bar  The Flower BarThe Flower Bar The Flower BarThe Flower BarThe Flower Bar

The Flower Bar The Flower Bar The Flower Bar The Flower Bar The Flower Bar The Flower Bar The Flower Bar The Flower Bar

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