Flying Out Soon? Check The New Coopers Airport Bar When You Do

The new design is absolutely stunning! What a way to toast your departure and be welcomed home!


Whether you’ve been gone a day, or gone for months, it’s a homely feeling to walk through the Airport when you’re back, see the bright red of Cibo, see the milky goodness of Farmer’s Union in the drinks fridge and look across the airport at the Coopers Bar as new arrivals and the soon-to-depart sink a couple to make the cramped seats in economy a bit more bearable.

So it makes our little local hearts skip a beat to reveal the stunning new renovations that have taken place over the last 3 months at the beloved Coopers Bar. With more than $1 million sunk into the space, the upgrade looks absolutely worth every cent with the views across the Adelaide Hills and the tarmac still a highlight.

coopers-alehouse-adelaide-airport-2016-4 coopers-alehouse-adelaide-airport-2016-2 coopers-alehouse-adelaide-airport-2016-3 coopers-alehouse-adelaide-airport-2016-6 coopers-alehouse-adelaide-airport-2016-7The new design has the hallmarks of location design house Studio Gram all over it, but brand development firm Band also played their part. It will also have extended trading hours, from 6am until after the last flights leave at 11pm. Glorious.

It almost makes you want to book a flight just to see it.

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