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Food Review: Fawn Coffee

This newbie on the cafe scene will have you drooling before you even get there!

Nestled amongst the leafage of the city’s southeast, suburban natives and coffee lovers alike are flocking to witness the first steps of this newborn Fawn.

Wait, you know we’re talking about a café right?

Fawn Coffee 3

Fawn Coffee graced our tree-lined streets a mere 4 weeks ago, yet you wouldn’t guess from the packed tables and line of hopefuls lingering outside. With its simplistic interior and homey vibe, this café seamlessly complements its surroundings and is fast becoming the local abode.

Owner Amber Bennett, a native from Clare Valley, has poured her heart, soul and design background into this venture, striving for a “nice, calming sort of place.” Passion is a key ingredient to the early success of Fawn, “I bake everything myself, I go to the (Central) market a few times a week and get fruit and veggies”, Amber explains.

“I wanted the food to be simple, but still tasty and delicious.”

Fawn Coffee Feat

Homemade Granola, Avocado on toasted Sourdough & Corn & Zucchini fritters with tomato salsa and cucumber yoghurt.

The modest, yet innovative menu showcases an array of local produce and generous servings ensure no one leaves hungry. Interestingly, nigella seeds (slightly bitter seeds with a hint of pepper) are a welcome addition to the conventional avocado dish. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, and no, these little goodies aren’t related to the culinary queen herself, Nigella Lawson.

Providing Glam with a bit of behind-the-scenes info, Amber explains ‘I’ve got a friend who’s an avocado farmer in the hills, so he’s supplying me with avocados, it’s just nice to have it all local.’

Fawn Coffee 4

Avocado on toasted sourdough, cream cheese, nigella seeds and coriander (with an added option of egg, salmon or bacon).

Fawn Coffee 2
The ultimate go-to dish: Homemade Granola with honey yoghurt and seasonal fresh fruit

Oh my, oh my, the granola! Hidden beneath a dollop of honey-drizzled yoghurt and adorned with blueberries, fig and strawberries, the homemade granola is the perfect go-to brekkie companion. Guilt and fuss-free, Amber knows what it’s about, with the accompanying novelty milk bottle providing the finishing touches. And yes, it tastes just as delish at it looks.

A hanging black and white image of the corner store building circa 1970 is a quaint reminder of the heritage this neighbourhood boasts. Evidently still buzzing with friendly faces, Amber herself admitted ‘everyone’s really lovely around here, it’s going well.’

What’s more, Fawn Coffee supports the 100% sustainable local brew- Dawn Patrol. Roasted up in Kangarilla, many of you may know them from their hidey-hole down on Ebenezer, Sad: Café.
So rest assured, you’re actually doing the local businesses of Adelaide a favour by frequenting Fawn.

And frequent we shall!

Fawn Coffee

Fawn Coffee

269 Gilles Street, Adelaide

Weekdays [7.30am – 4pm]
Saturdays [8.30am – 3pm]


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