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Foodland Pasadena Is Having A GIN & JAZZ PARTY

Foodland Pasadena is hosting a Gin & Jazz Arvo. This is a chance to sample some of SA’s finest gins at each of the store’s bars (yes, you read that right).


It’s Sunday afternoon. You’re well rested, or at least starting to feel a little better after the night before. You’re hungry. Perhaps it’s time to make a toastie. There’s nothing in the fridge. You need to go grocery shopping. You sigh, and then you remember … Foodland Pasadena, one of Adelaide’s Finest Supermarkets, is holding a Gin & Jazz Afternoon.

Foodland Pasadena (aka shopping heaven) is renowned for its excellent produce, fantastic pricing and outstanding service. It’s also pretty easy on the eye and home to multiple bars. Shopping. Drinking. Eating. YES. PLEASE.

The upcoming Gin & Jazz Afternoon is a chance to get close and personal with some of SA’s finest gins at each of the store’s bars: Mr Nick’s Bar, Oceanicbar, Salumibar, and Cheesebar. Local outfit The Jazzy Boys will be performing for the ideal sipping/shopping atmosphere.

 They say you should never do your grocery shopping on an empty stomach, and Foodland Pasadena has you covered with delicious appetisers also available. 

You can buy tickets from Mr Nick’s restaurant inside the supermarket and if you grab two tickets before Thursday 6 June, you’ll get the third ticket free. Gin tastings and appetisers will be included in the ticket price.

When: 11:30am, Sunday 9thJune (the day after World Gin Day)

Where: Foodland Pasadena, 20 Fiveash Drive, Pasadena 5042

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