Football Star Academy is bringing up the next generation of soccer superstars

Warradale Primary School is working with Football Star Academy to promote physical activity and soccer skill development in local kids.

We all know that physical activity is important for our mental and physical health, particularly in children, and one Adelaide primary school is working harder than ever to promote exercise in its students in a fun, engaging way.

Warradale Primary School in conjunction with Football Star Academy is working together to promote physical activity and soccer skill development in the local community.

Warradale Primary School has been a school that thrives off its sports programs and promotes access for all, but with the school’s long-running after-school soccer skills program at risk in 2022, parent and Head Coach of the local Football Star Academy, Scott Mates, has partnered with the school to ensure it remains available to families.

The soccer skills program promotes foundational skills for 5-7-year-olds and with Scott now directly involved, the program is not only continuing but it is thriving! Participation numbers are up and the quality of the program now being offered far exceeds what one would reasonably expect in such a context.

Warradale Primary School Principal Josh Vick proudly acknowledges and promotes the impact of this community partnership.

“The Football Star Academy provides Warradale Primary School students and others from our local area with access to a high-quality soccer skills development program,” he says.

“Head Coach Scott Mates is fantastic with the kids, and his passion for providing young boys and girls with a real developmental pathway is genuine.

“From strikers to goalkeepers, and every position in between, this is a program that I would highly recommend to any child and parent looking for access to ‘next level’ elite soccer coaching.

“Warradale Primary has a long and strong history of student participation in local soccer competitions and club football and through our partnership with Scott and Football Star Academy, I look forward to seeing even more local children fulfil their potential and chase their dreams!””

With the next Football World Cup Finals in Qatar only just around the corner – and the Socceroos now qualified – there has never been a better time to register your child for a Football Star Academy program!

Schools and communities working together like this helps improve health and learning outcomes for all students and is an effective means of providing families with greater access to quality-assured extra-curricular experiences.

To find out more, visit the Football Star Academy website.

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