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Forget Loaded Schnitzels, Loaded Bratwursts Are The New Show-Stopper

These loaded bratwursts are for those who like their brats smothered, covered, and loaded with toppings and sauces. They are not for the faint of heart.


Just when you thought a bratwurst couldn’t possibly get any better, The Bavarian decides to load a bunch of stuff on top to make it that much more spectacular.

That’s right — get a load (hah) of these new Loaded Brats – or bratwursts – alongside a Mega-Loaded brat for the super hungry.

Each Loaded Brat ($18) is generously smothered, covered and loaded with toppings and sauces, creating quirky fusions of diners’ favourite dishes and flavour combinations.

Take your pick from three flavours:

Inspired by Korea, The Spicy K Dog packs the intensely flavoured and spicy punch characterised by the cuisine. The loaded dog incorporates the umami tang of kimchi slaw, nuttiness of sesame seeds and the freshness of spring onion, all stuffed and stacked onto a delicious kielbasa sausage and brioche bun.

Those who are ready to beat the heat can enjoy the Chilli Dog, which is piled with chilli con carne, queso, tomato, onion salsa and jalapeños.

Last of the three loaded bratwursts is the Mac & Cheese Dog, which comprises a cheese kransky, nestled in a brioche bun, and topped with creamy mac and cheese, crisp fried onion and BBQ sauce.

Can’t decide which of the Loaded Brats to choose? Why not try all three in the Mega Loaded Dog ($25), which is piled sky-high with toppings from all three Loaded Brats and awaits those with a legendary appetite.

While you’re at it, beat the post-holiday blues and celebrate summer with the three Bs: bubbles, barrels and bratwurst. Pair a Loaded Brat and add a bottle of Chandon NV($60) or 4 Pines Summer Ale stein ($15).

To get a load of brat (we can’t get over this pun, sorry), head on over to The Bavarian at Tea Tree Plaza (976 North East Road, Modbury).

Check out The Bavarian on Facebook, here.

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