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Adelaide’s First Cookie Dough Dessert Bar Opens

The Cookie Dough Lab is going to take our raw cookie dough addiction to a whole new level.

When you think of dessert your mind automatically turns to cakes, cupcakes, chocolate but have you ever just had a hankering for raw cookie dough? Surely we’re not the only ones who have an addiction the stuff. Like cake batter, it tastes equally good (if not better) when eaten raw amirite?! It’s basically a tube of pure gold. But it can kind of feel like a dirty little secret – there no real way to eat it gracefully or bring it to a party. You’ve basically got two options when eating it: either cut the top off and eat with a spoon or cut the roll into slices if you’re feeling a tad fancy.

Luckily now, we won’t have to be held back by our favourite dessert’s serving suggestions.

Adelaide’s first raw, edible cookie dough dessert bar, The Cookie Dough Lab, opens its doors Sunday 1 October. It will operate similarly like an ice-creamery with a few different cookie dough flavours like Nutella and Oreo. You’ll then be able to add your own toppings like crushed Oreo pieces and Bueno bars. The Cookie Dough Lab will also serve decadent milkshakes, cookie dough associated treats like cupcakes as well as coffee.

It’s because of fellow cookie dough fanatics/local legends, Chantelle and Matt Halliday alongside sister Sarah Halliday, that we’ll soon be able to enjoy cookie dough in public. But if that wasn’t enough for ya, they’re also experimenting with vegan cookie dough options because everyone deserves a taste of sweet, sweet success.

Check out their Facebook page and Instagram for drool-worthy snaps.

The Cookie Dough Lab is located at 3/59-63 Semaphore Road, Semaphore, South Australia.

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