Forget Shark Cages, There's Now A 360 Lion Cage Experience

Forget Shark Cages, There’s Now A 360 Lion Cage Experience

Lions 360 coming soon! Be one of the first to experience Australia’s only 360 degree lion encounter which gives you a prey’s eye view into the world of these awe-inspiring predators.


South Australia is about to become the only place in Australia, where you can take your sense of adventure to the next level with the only 360 degree lion experience in the country. AND WE CAN’T WAIT!

Monarto Zoo’s Lions 360 experience is launching on November 18th, and it’s guaranteed to leave you in even more awe than when you entered. You’ll be walking through a tunnel, to emerge within clawing range of one of Australia’s largest lion prides.

Enjoy a jaw-dropping, absolutely safe encounter, which gives you a prey’s-eye view into the world of these awe-inspiring predators.

Plus, book one of four exclusive opportunities to hand feed the Monarto Zoo’s majestic lions. Their special Lions 360 feed package enables you to get even closer to these predators and also comes with a 20% zoo shop voucher, making your Lions 360 experience even more remarkable. Because LION MERCH guys! Christmas has basically come early.

The hair-raising and unique new experience will help the Monarto Zoo continue their work as a conservation charity raising awareness for this amazing species.

Currently under construction, Lions 360 will be open from 18 November 2017.

Tickets are on sale now; book your spot today!

Come behind the scenes with us as our keepers and project team take the walk of the brave into the den for the very first time. What do you think? Lions 360 fed to you by ElectraNet opening 18 November!

Posted by Monarto Zoo on Saturday, October 28, 2017



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