Forget Smart Cards. You Can Now Pay For Your Coffee Using Your Coffee Cup.

The frank green SmartCup™: revolutionising your daily grind with innovative payment technology

embedded in your cup


Let’s be frank, coffee is a social currency, and café-lovers can now enjoy the benefits of a quick and easy barista-made coffee experience without compromising on taste, thanks to the introduction of a hot new product. Fusing form with function, the frank green SmartCup™ takes ‘reusable’ to a whole new level with innovative payment technology.

Embedded with a microchip, each SmartCup™ from the innovative Australian brand, provides the user with the ability to go cash free; tapping the lid of the cup to a sensor to process their payment instantly and securely at their local café.

This barista standard reusable cup allows users to:

• Pay for their coffee at their local cafés with a simple tap of their SmartCup™ or smartphone

• Sync their SmartCup™ with the frank green CafePay™ smartphone app which allows users to pre-order or gift coffees to friends

• Earn and redeem loyalty rewards faster, with points gained for purchasing coffee and food

• Trust in their SmartCup™ and its spill resistant lid, allowing them to maintain their on-the-go lifestyle with ease

Designed with the coffee lover in mind, frank green’s SmartCup™ is the newest way to consume the liquid nectar that is coffee. The revolutionary cup is barista standard, and fits into the daily grind seamlessly – whether you’re driving, cycling, walking or catching public transport – frank green will ensure you can enjoy your favourite cup of coffee, anywhere at any time.

“What we’re creating is the ability to go cash-free. For friends to send one another a coffee ‘just because’ – loading credit straight onto their cup. For people to build loyalty with their local café and be rewarded for going back. For the ease with which cafes can notify customers of special offers and discounts via the CafePay™ app, all whilst being sustainable and environmentally friendly” said Benjamin Young, the Founder and Owner of frank green.

“At frank green, we’re style focused and lifestyle orientated, we fit seamlessly into the lives of users whilst enhancing their morning coffee experience. Our SmartCup™ is a world first and we’re thrilled to be launching it in Australia.”

Becoming the coffee lover’s delight, frank green’s SmartCup™ features; a double-walled thermo plastic outer layer that keeps your coffee hotter for longer; high-quality materials that are stain and odour resistant, as well as being BPA free and non-toxic; a spill resistant and dishwasher safe design; and the technology to literally pick up the bill at the end of your café visit, like any good friend.

To help bring this coffee revolution to a café near you, frank green has launched a Kickstarter campaign, where all proceeds go towards developing and delivering the CafePay technology to local cafes around the world. Visit for more information.

Launching in April 2015, the frank green SmartCup™ can be purchased from selected independent retailers and cafes nationally, or online at $1 from every online sale is donated to Earthwatch, an international not-forprofit organisation that performs extraordinary work to protect our planet.

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