Format Closing Down On Peel Street

formatIf you have a Twitter account, chances are you’ve seen the latest buzz topic – and no, we’re not talking about the new SA logo. It seems that the much-loved Format office on Peel Street is going to be shut down.

Since moving to Peel Street in 2010, the Format Collective has run five major festivals, hundreds of gallery exhibitions and live music shows, sold thousands of zines, and given their community a place to meet, rehearse, record, perform, read and just check their email. All of it organised by a collective of volunteers on a shoestring budget.

Recently however, it seems that the lease on their premises has been revoked, and handed to another creative ‘hub’.

The SA government have announced that they will provide up to $1M in initial seed funding for Hub Adelaide. This will be spent on the fit-out of the Peel St property, recruitment and cocreation of the community and the space.

This has left Format high & dry and without anywhere to operate from – hence the outcry via social media.

Here’s their official statement:

To follow the public support for the Format Collective, check out #formatalwayswins on Twitter.

Here’s hoping they find another place to call home!

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