Former Big Brother contestant opens tranquil Goolwa cafe

Goolwa has welcomed a brand new coffee spot, set to brighten anyone’s day with their tranquil vibes and outdoor seating.

After creating waves on Big Brother in 2020, Talia Rycroft is forging a new path for herself along with the locals of Goolwa, opening a new coffee shop, Get Kooked, that makes you feel a world away from life’s busy hustle and bustle.

Located on Cadell Street, the coffee house is a great addition to the already beloved MILA Alexandra and occupies one of the front windows and side of the boutique, with ample seating where you can soak up the autumn sun or sit inside with a good book.

MILA Alexandra is a vibrant clothing boutique known for its diverse range of brands catering to all shapes and sizes. They offer an extensive collection of ladies fashion, shoes, giftwear, accessories, and products from local artisans, creating a unique shopping experience.

Additionally, customers can find a selection of wines at the boutique. MILA Alexandra is also the home of Lauren Parkinson, offering makeup services, brow services, and lash extensions, adding a touch of beauty expertise to their offerings. This boutique is a one-stop destination for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle needs in the Goolwa area.

Adding a cafe to the mix was the perfect addition to the already popular space.

After setting by up Get Kooked, Talia believes she has created the perfect spot for locals to get the most out of the morning cup of joe.

“The South Coast lately has really boomed, there’s more holiday homes going up, there’s more people present. And people come down here during the holidays, and they want something cool,” Talia said.

“I felt like we didn’t have anything other than the standard bakeries, I wanted to bring something healthy, a bit more variety and of course really good, quality coffee to the area.”

“I was super nervous when we opened but everyone from the young kids to the oldies seem to be loving it so far, it’s just been really awesome.”

The cafe has a yummy selection of locally sourced baked goods including melting moments, cookies and delectable little muffins that pair perfectly with your De Groot coffee.

“Eventually we will move into a Friday knockoff vibe where people will be able to come in, have a wine. We will also have a night where we’ll do pizza or paella, get live music and just make it really vibey in there.

“We are really lucky with the space, you have the ability to have it totally open on those nice sunny days or have it enclosed through the winter.”

Many will remember Talia as a formidable force from the iconic reality TV series, being the first housemate to win multiple Nominator challenges, but now she says she is living her true dream.

“My friend owns Mila Alexandra, and I’ve said to her my dream is always to open a fashion and coffee space like it’s always been like a long dream of mine to have my own shop with a little coffee bar in the corner,” she said.

“And then she said well, why don’t you join us? Why don’t you put the coffee bar in here and then you know you can put a rack or two of your own clothing brand or whatever you want in here.

“And I was like this opportunity was too good not to take. My clothing brand Pamela Croft, it’s more like a surf lounge wear that’s super comfortable, inspired by the 70s, through to the 90s that anyone can wear.”

So the next time you’re in Goolwa and want a cup of coffee or even a new jumper, head down to Get Kooked and just vibe out, you won’t regret it!

Get Kooked
Where: 28 Cadell Street, Goolwa (Next to Mila Alexandra)
When: 7.30am – 1pm, Monday to Saturday
For more info, click here

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