Rachel Sanderson’s ‘Flourish’ school holiday course to empower teens for success

The 4-day self improvement course, held by former MP & Rachel’s models owner, Rachel Sanderson, includes elements of acting & dance, online safety, skincare, etiquette, self presentation & more.

This school holidays, a ‘personal best’ course called ‘Flourish’ co-founded by Rachel Sanderson will provide knowledge and support for teens to flourish and radiate confidence.

Across the four-day course, teens will learn to speak professionally, walk like a model, have confident table manners, a skin care routine that suits a budget and presentation skills to help them get a job.

The will also learn how to set and achieve goals, focus on what’s important in life, make less impact on the earth, and live a more conscious life.

After 18 months of soul searching, the former child protection minister reveals her passion to bring positive change in people’s lives.

“The name indicates a flower, something that is already perfect and beautiful. We are not changing you, but giving you the skills to bloom and be your best you,” Rachel says.

Rachel is a former model herself and ran her agency ‘Rachel’s Model Management’ for over 18 years. Her agency’s portfolio celebrated diversity, showcasing models of varying body shapes, ages, nationalities, and abilities.

Breaking stereotypes was Rachel’s specialty. Her belief that beauty is more than just traditional standards and also about skills and confidence led her agency to represent everyone: from babies to seniors and models with disabilities.

“I was really annoyed with the modelling industry at the time and wanted to show that beauty wasn’t determined by a height, a size or an age, and that all people with the right skills and confidence could shine,” Rachel says.

Flourish, co-founded alongside Belinda Mackey, isn’t a modelling agency, but aims to train individuals, particularly teens, to see and achieve their utmost potential.

“It’s about giving people confidence and presentation skills,” Rachel says.

Flourish has also been influenced by Rachel’s political life, which ended 18 months ago after she unsuccessfully ran for local government as a candidate for Mayor of Prospect, and says self belief was the secret of her success over three terms.

“Not a single person thought that I would win (the seat of Adelaide in 2010). I still have a passion to make a difference, so if it’s not going to be in the community, for now, it can be in the broader community,” she says.

Today, Rachel channels her political experiences to shape Flourish’s curriculum. Though she does not rule out a future return to politics, her current focus remains on her new venture, starting with courses for teens and expanding expand into workshops for women, corporate training, and one-on-one coaching.

And while the primary target audience for the school holiday course is girls aged 12 to 16, Flourish is open to all teenagers.

The curriculum offers more than just traditional deportment and etiquette as lessons are enriched with Rachel’s political life experience. Self-defence will encompass cyber-security and discussions about style will incorporate op-shopping, clothes swaps, and the environmental impact of the fast-fashion industry.

For more information, visit the Flourish with Rachel Facebook page.

WHAT: Flourish with Rachel.
WHERE: Next Gen, War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide SA, 5006.
WHEN: October 9th – October 12th.

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