Four Corners story a harsh reminder to shop ethically

audrey blueAs major Australian retailers face claims that sweatshop workers in Bangladesh have suffered physical and verbal abuse, Audrey Blue is calling on Australians to seek out ethical alternatives.

Audrey Blue Fashion Director Hannah Parris said last night’s Four Corners story was a bleak reminder for all of us to look at fashion through a more critical lens.

“The fact that Australian retailers recently signed an agreement to improve worker conditions in Bangladesh shows the current system is not working.

“Social media was abuzz with talk of wanting fair trade chocolate style labels on clothing.

“Audrey Blue is the first (and sadly only) Australian women’s clothing label who has secured the highest international order of clothing and textiles certification.

“It’s called GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and we are also FLO (Fairtrade International) certified.

“Next month we’re releasing Australia’s first GOTS certified women’s business shirts and first GOTS certified women’s underwear.

“This is in addition to our standard line of beautiful easy to wear dresses and tops,” she said.

Australian retailers who recently signed an agreement to improve worker conditions in Bangladesh are facing new claims that sweatshop workers in the country have suffered physical and verbal abuse.

Parris said Australian consumers were becoming increasingly ashamed as more revelations appear in the media about the horrific impacts of the global fashion industry’s commonplace textile manufacturing processes.

“What consumers are less aware of are the ethical fashion companies out there vying for attention in a marketplace that is saturated by the likes of Kmart, Coles, Target and Rivers,” said Parris.

“Audrey Blue is a response to that feeling of disillusionment with unethical mass production techniques. We want other fashion labels to join us and to go GOTS!

“Those who purchase Audrey Blue’s affordable, easy to wear undies can be assured they’re purchasing an ecologically and socially responsible product – something very rare in today’s marketplace.

“We’re focusing on mass manufacturing. To bring costs down, we put in big orders and flow those bulk savings onto our customers.

“That’s why we can sell two pairs of undies for $20, less than half the price of some other eco-fashion labels.

“And that’s why our flattering business shirts are priced from $85,” she said.

Audrey Blue Blush Underwear can be purchased online at Stockists can contact [email protected].

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