Four Ways To Recycle Your Used Clothes In Adelaide

Need to get rid of some used and damaged clothes? Check out our handy guide to some of Adelaide’s clothes and textile recycling services waging a war on waste.

On this Global Recycling Day (18 March), we thought we’d make it super simple for you to help make a difference, by giving you a STACK of options when it comes to getting rid of your old clothes.

While we’re all pretty savvy when it comes to donating clean, good quality clothing to second hand clothing outlets, what we’re not so across, is what to do with stuff that doesn’t make the cut.

Throwing away unwearable and damaged clothes create thousands of tonnes of waste in landfill each year.

Luckily for us (and the environment) there are plenty of great organisations that exist, so instead of getting rid of these items, you can recycle them at different stores and locations around Adelaide.

Check out our useful guide on where to recycle used clothes and textiles below.

Bring Clothes Back To The Source

Many clothing retailers actually accept unwanted, damaged or unwearable clothes and textiles to recycle the items for repurposing (i.e., using them to create cleaning products and industrial rags). These garment collection programs are a great way to ensure as little waste as possible when you are thinking of getting rid of items that are no longer of use to you.

Here is a list of retailers who are involved in the garment collection program in Adelaide:
Country Road
The North Face

Clothing Recycling Services

If you live too far from any of these retailers, there are plenty of great recycling services around Adelaide to ensure that unwanted clothing items will be reused.

Here is a list of clothing recycling services operating around Adelaide:

Couriers Please – Upparel

CouriersPlease (CP) is collecting unwanted items from Aussie households, through a partnership with sustainable sock company Upparel, to help consumers recycle and repurpose their pre-loved textiles. 

Through the CP-Upparel initiative, Aussies can simply book a collection through the Boomerang returns portal on the Upparel website, and have their old items collected from the comfort of their home. Once collected by a CP courier, Upparel will repurpose the textiles to give them a new life.

The partnership, which began last June, has seen 3,989 textile collection bookings, 73,045kg of textiles avoid landfill and in turn, saved 292,178kg of greenhouse gases.

Recycle Clothes

Recycle Clothes is a convenient door-to-door recycling service based in the Adelaide CBD and Metro. Simply book a day online when you want your clothes to be picked up. You will be allocated a unique booking number and are asked to place it clearly on the bag you intend to recycle. Leave your clothes in the designated area around your house and they will be picked up as per your request!

Hackham Recyclers

Hackham Recyclers is located in the Southern suburbs of Adelaide, operating seven days a week. They encourage people to deliver any damaged or unwanted goods to their warehouse to be recycled or donated to Goodwill.


SRCgroup is Australia’s leading clothing recycling service offering governments, shopping centres, schools, private organisations, charities and retailers opportunities to recycle unwanted items. To use their services, simply drop off your clothes in their bins at these major shopping centres around the city:

Colonnades, Noarlunga Centre
Kurralta Central, Kurralta Park
Castle Plaza, Edwardstown
Elizabeth Shopping Centre, Elizabeth
Arndale Shopping Centre, Kilkenny
Hollywood Plaza, Salisbury Downs
Ingle Farm Shopping Centre, Ingle Farm
Clipboard Stationers and Art Supplies, Morphett Vale

ShredX: Clothing And Uniform Shredding Services

ShredX specialises in recycling and shredding branded clothes and uniforms in order to stop the spread of counterfeit production. They provide a secure destruction service which has a convenient pick up service to your home address or work location.

For more information on these services, visit PlanetArk Adelaide or RecyclersSA

Give back to the community

Some recycled materials including sheets, linens, towels and blankets are welcomed at RSCPA shelters around Adelaide. Please ensure that these items do not have buttons or stuffing because they pose a choking hazard to animals. For more information, visit their website here.

People are also encouraged to donate any damaged clothing to mechanics because these items can be used for oil rags which are always needed at a garage.

DIY With Old Clothes

Feeling crafty? Sick of buying material? You can actually use your old clothes to make new clothes, things for your house and presents for friends!

There are plenty of “hacks”to repurpose old clothes into something you can use again. If you’ve got scissors, glues and a piece of old material, you’re basically set.

If you want to get started, there are plenty of great workshops around Adelaide to visit:

Workshops Adelaide Sustainability Centre
Bunnings Workshops
The Adelaide Remarkery
Upcycle Studio

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