Frank Ford’s Top Ten Picks – Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2010

cabaretAdelaide Cabaret Festival 2010  June 11 – 26

Frank Ford’s top ten picks

If you need some guidance in choosing from such a fabulous program, Frank Ford has given you some suggestions to get you started.

Natalie Cole. A great star and great songs in “Unforgettable  …With Love”.  Absolutely unforgettable! Exclusive to Adelaide! (Page 7)

Smoke and Mirrors. A collection of stunning and bizarre acts in the style of European cabaret! Fab fun! Not to be missed! (Page 13)

Robyn Archer in classic Berlin cabaret is sure to be a sell out!(Page 17)

More fantastic European cabaret with John Waters in Brel.(Page 10)

Liz Callaway. A brilliant Broadway Babe with a voice and stage presence to die for!  Has won dozens of awards! (Page 9) [Barry Lenny’s note – she is the sister of Ann Hampton Callaway who was a previous Cabaret Festival headliner]

The Wharf ReviewPennies from Kevin” is political and social satire at its best. Lampooning our beloved pollies with witty songs! (Page 9)

Donna McKechnie in “My Musical Comedy Life” sings, dances and acts like a fabulous Broadway star, which she is! (Page 11)

Trevor Ashley is Liza (on an E).  If you missed Liza don’t miss this.  It’s better than the original with lots of love and laughter. (Page 28)

Caroline O’Connor. This human dynamo explodes on the stage like a star burst of artistic exuberance.  A wonder to behold! (Page 23)

Marney McQueen in “ROSA Waxes Lyrical” made Edinburgh Fringe Festival critics’ hair stand on end. They loved her. (Page 28)

David Hobson in “Am I really here?” But how could you miss him! He is a stunning star of the Australian stage. (Page16)

For information on the full program click here.

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