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Cafe celebrates alternative milk with free coffee until midday today

You read that right folks, free coffee at Cheeky Grin Coffee but only until midday today!

If you love coffee, and we know you do which is why you clicked into this article, then you need to get yourself to Cheeky Grin Coffee before midday today!

The cosy coffee shop located in Firle is giving out free small oat milk coffees which started at 8am this morning, and runs until 12pm today.

The free coffees come in celebration of Free Alternative Brew Day, celebrating all things non…cows milk.

If you’re a seasoned alternative milk fanatic you can grab your usual totally free at Cheeky Grin, or if you’re new to the world of non full cream milks, this is your perfect chance to try it out.

The oat milk coffees that Cheeky Grin will be slinging for free will be brewed to perfection using the Alternative Dairy Co Milk’s oat milk from its signature red wrapped carton.

After only four months of operating out of a cart, owner and barista Stefan Iannace put down roots in a brick and mortar location in Firle and opened up officially in October last year.

The idea sprung after Stefan lost his barista job due to COVID-19 closures, resulting in the inspiration to start the cart in his home shed with the motivator driving him to do what he does and knows best – coffee.

There’s not much else to say other than get to Cheeky Grin for your free coffee fix.

Cheeky Grin Coffee is located at 74a Gage St, Firle SA 5070.

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