Free trial for Brazilian and Latin dance classes

Brasilatino Studio is keen to introduce you to Bachata and Zouk Latino dance styles with a free week of classes.

Featured image: Wesley and Rachel of Brasilatino Studios

You may have noticed an increase in the Latino population of South Australia over recent years, which is reflected in the explosion of South American cuisine and entertainment. Who can surpass a quick bite at Guzman Y Gomez or any of the higher-end Argentinian restaurants around town?

Despite popular belief, not all Latinos can dance, which is a huge relief to left-footers like me who are curious to try some salsa-inspired entertainment that doesn’t involved chips and dip.

Enter Brasilatino, a clever name for a clever outlet that introduces Latino-inspired dance to romantics, dreamers and fitness psychos alike.

Wesley & Rachel founded Brasilatino Studios in 2020, driven by their “passion for sharing their love of Brazilian and Latin Dance with Adelaide and the wider community”. That’s their official line, but having experienced two intro dance classes myself, their remit far exceeds their initial ideal, creating a community that’s akin to a cult.

The welcoming vibe of the introductory classes is almost overwhelming as experienced students mix with newcomers and offer support, advice and encouragement despite any stepping-on-toes, off-beat stumbles or other beginner traits, all of which I excelled in. It’s an unexpected highlight that Brasilatino has built such a strong community where advanced students are so willing to share their experiences with newcomers and encourage them to learn and progress.

The studio focusses on Bachata and Zouk, two lesser-known Latino dances that combine social and seductive moves, depending on skill. The tutors are experts in their field. Ten instructors bring years of dance experience. Instructors Alvin and Sonja, for example, have each been dancing for seven years, making them an ideal duet to demonstrate Bachata, while partners Wesley and Rachel (founders of the studio) lead the lessons for the seductive Zouk dance form and regularly travel interstate and internationally to teach workshops, compete, perform and judge.

The studio offers a free week of unlimited classes to trial all dances on the roster, with new terms starting each month. The lessons are designed so that new students can join at any time however.  Advance classes follow the beginner sessions and, for advance students who also attend the beginner classes, they get taught more complex variations of the basic steps when they’re not dancing with the newcomers and offering their own tips and encouragement.

Having completed two starter classes – Bachata on a Monday night and Zouk on a Tuesday night – it’s a relief to report that the lessons really are paced and designed for all levels. There’s a lot of practice for individual steps before putting it together for some dance practice. The social nature of the school ensures a collaborative, chatty, fun-filled evening where everyone is encouraged to simply enjoy themselves above all else. Swapping dance partners throughout the night further ensures there are no strangers in the room by the evening’s end.

After a trial week, Brasilatino offers a discounted 4-class starter pack to keep going before investing in ongoing lessons. Further information can be found on the dance studio’s Facebook page.

Sonja and Alvin, Bachata dance instructors at Brazilatino dance studio

ABOVE: Sonja and Alvin, Bachata dance instructors at Brasilatino Studios.
BELOW: The impressive wall mural inside Brasilatino Studios.

Wall mural in Brazilatino Studios

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