Freedom Fest returns this month empowering women in business and life

Freedom Fest is returning this November as a three-day retreat combined with a twelve month Goals Club that transforms the way women in business approach work and life.

If you’re a career woman looking to break free from the hustle and grind and build a business that not only sets you free but helps you create a life you’re madly in love with, then this year’s inspirational and motivational Freedom Fest could be precisely what you need to turn your dreams into a reality.  

In its third year and hosted by Jodie Nevid, the founder and leader of the inspiring organisation The Seven Effect, Freedom Fest is a three-day retreat combined with a twelve month Goals Club that transforms the way women in business approach work and life by giving them the tools and support to not only implement but achieve their goals.  

Running from Wednesday the 22nd to Friday the 24th of November at the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre, Freedom Fest is a revolution designed to challenge the conventional business-building approach by ending burnout culture and embracing a lifestyle that balances success in business with joy in life.  

Jodie Nevid, the Seven Effect founder and host of Freedom Fest, explains the event’s background and inspiration. 

‘Freedom Fest is not something we promote as a one-off event but an annual ritual that will become a path to true freedom—mentally, physically, emotionally and financially, ‘ says Jodie.  

‘The practice of making time to stop, reflect and celebrate the year that was, so you can consciously plan for the year ahead, is a profoundly effective and restorative way to drive growth in business and life without the push and pressure.’ 

Unlike typical conferences or ‘life-coaching workshops’ that are filled with endless talks and notes that build you up and then send you back to a busy world unsupported, Freedom Fest goes that extra mile by ensuring that the ideas and plans conceived during the event are not just dreams but become new habits and a part of your day-to-day. 

‘Freedom Fest includes a 12-month coaching and accountability program so that all the big ideas and aspirational plans we create at retreat actually get implemented in the coming 12 months’, says Jodie.  

With a unique three-day schedule that begins with crafting your life plan, followed by enhancing your leadership skills, and ending with a focus on revamping your business with systems that set you free, the event concludes with the unique Freedom Awards on Friday night, collectively celebrating women’s successes in business and life.  

Tickets for this year’s Freedom Fest are selling out fast, with the VIP True Escape package already sold out. Ensuring there’s something for every woman and every lifestyle, there’s the VIP Day Escape, which gives you the full VIP experience during the day so you can spend the evenings at home with your loved ones.  

Or if you’re interstate, overseas, or simply can’t get away to participate in person, there’s also the Home Retreat option—where you can livestream and experience Freedom Fest from the comfort of your own home.  

And, besides access to inspirational guest speakers that include powerhouse women and leaders in their fields, each ticket comes with a whole bunch of goodies, including everything from a Freedom Fest swag bag, planner, and 12 months with a certified Goals Club Coach who’s dedicated to your success.  

‘Our vision for Freedom Fest is to become an iconic destination event that brings business women from all over Australia and the world to SA while showcasing the best of our state’s homegrown products through our VIP goodie bags and retreat experiences’, says founder Jodie Nevid.  

‘We want to transform how women work and live, reminding everyone to stop and celebrate the extraordinary things we achieve—not just in business but also in life.’ 
What: The Seven Effect’s Freedom Fest. 
Where: The Adelaide Hills Convention Centre,  
When: Wednesday 22nd of November to Friday 24th of November.  
For tickets and further info on the event program and speakers, click here 

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