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French Film Festival Review: Dumped

One of the funniest films at this year’s French Film Festival.

Dumped is Eloise Lang’s first solo film. The film is a remake of the 2014 Danish comedy film All Inclusive.

Eloise Lang spent ten years in commercial advertising, making the leap into film writing in her thirties. Lang chose Camille Cottin as Rose to be one of the main stars; the pair work well together, they are firm friends in real life, which likely contributes to their comedic resourcefulness as respective actor and director.

Lang has teamed up with Cottin before, not only in Lang’s first feature film (co-written with Noemi Saglio) Connasse, Princess des coeurs, but also prior to that in the co-written (also with Noemi Saglio) series The Connasse.

Camille Cottin as Rose is sister to Alice (Camille Chamoux); both are the onscreen daughters of Francoise, played by long time French actress Miou-Miou. Francoise is turning sixty and the two daughters are taking her on holiday to La Reunion with the idea in mind of invigorating her after the recent divorce from their father.

The film starts with brief flashes of the two sisters’ contrasting lives, Rose as a free fun loving nomadic rockstar, Alice as the archetypal mother. Before the holiday journey starts, the girls learn that their father is also pregnant to his new lover. This adds to the pressure they feel to enliven their mum and they decide the news best not be shared with their mother, who is already still preoccupied by the recent divorce from their father who left her for a much younger woman.

Each daughter in their own way compete for the prize of who can enliven their mother, who knows her best and, who is the better daughter. The hilarity of their rivalry and the absurdity of circumstances in which they find themselves, make this such an enjoyable and effortless film to watch.

Dumped is one of those films that is straightforward, funny and leisurely, yet also celebrates the unbreakable bond of female relationships. It is one of the funniest films at this year’s Festival.

Hilarious comedy at this year's French Film Festival 4.5 *
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