Fresh 92.7 Welcomes New Breakfast Show For 2018

There’s a brand new breakfast show on Adelaide’s Fresh 92.7, and they can be heard every weekday morning from 6am.

It was almost impossible to find a photo of Thomo WITHOUT a beer in his hand. It was also pretty hard to find a photo of Loz WITHOUT her face photo-shopped onto a 90’s TV sitcom character’s body.
But here they are. Meet Loz & Thomo! These whacked-out legends are your brand new breakfast show on Adelaide’s Fresh 92.7, and they can be heard every weekday morning from 6am.
Fresh volunteer and long-time listener Loz is pinching herself about landing such an epic job. She reckons she’s listened to Fresh since “dinosaurs roamed the earth and house music was still a niche underground phenomenon that my parents referred to as ‘robot sounds’. “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be on-board, mainly because the Wi-Fi here is A LOT faster than my old job”.
Relative newcomer Thomo has been slogging away on Hills Radio with a weekly breakfast show after finishing up with Australian Radio School. Thomo says: “I’m absolutely chuffed to get this opportunity and to work with someone like Loz. It‘ll be sensational! I think we’ll make a great duo and I hope everyone else does too!”
Of the new duo, Fresh 92.7 Content Director Ryan Burgess said: “Loz is one of the most talented and interesting people to hit Adelaide radio, she’s already caught the ear of some big-wig hot-shot talent scout types so we’ll be clinging on for dear life as long as we can. Her unique delivery and incredible story telling will have people interested and engaged from the start. Thomo might be new to the scene, but he’s the perfect embodiment of exactly who we’re talking to daily here at Fresh. He’s young, into sports, loves music, is partial to a drink and a night out, and is all about his mates and family. Thomo’s natural, laddish charm will instantly appeal to men, women and everyone in between”.
The show will be a little different to Fresh 92.7’s previous breakfast shows… The new team have developed an incredibly ingenious way to be lazy but remain relevant! At 6am every weekday, they’ll simply push play for a 20-or-so minute mix from the best local and national DJs, to well and truly wake Adelaide up!
They’ll resume regular programming from 6:30am onwards, but between the Minimix kicking the show off each morning and a few more back-to-back tracks; it’s fair to say that with Loz & Thomo at the reigns, we can expect More Beats in Brekky.
Fresh 92.7’s Loz & Thomo starts on-air Monday, February 19.

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