Adelaide Fringe

Fringe: Catch ‘Finale’ Straight From Berlin

What do you get when eight friends from Berlin jump on stage to perform a fun blend of traditional circus trickery and stunt work? You get Finale – but not just one, a whole series of them in this crowd-pleasing spectacular.

While your heart pounds to the beat of the drum, your spirit will be fed by the vocals of Ena Wild, as the wild work of this octagonal flip fest by Analog takes off at Gluttony.

Be wowed by the lightning pace and thrill of seeing these energetic artists perform at optimum level that adds some traditional elements of each ‘grand finale’ including fog, confetti and pulsating lights.

As you gaze upon the silky movements of this talented bunch, you will get the feeling at some point that you are engaging with them, and that’s the point: Analog want to bring the good times to you.

Finale is playing at The Peacock in Gluttony from February 15 to March 17. Click here to get tickets.

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