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Fringe Review: James Veitch Tentative

Tentative continues the UK-based comedian’s multimedia heavy style of comedy for his latest Fringe show.


Presented by Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Reviewed 13th March 2020

James Veitch delights the Adelaide Fringe Festival with the world premiere of his latest show. Tentative continues the UK-based comedian’s multimedia heavy style of comedy for his latest Fringe show.

Veitch is known for his use of PowerPoint presentations as the multimedia aspect of his show and as a visual guide to his gags. The majority of his tales presented on the slides are based around his online and communication experiences, in which he invokes elements of light trolling, in order to reach humorous outcomes.

There were a mixture of gags from his experiences gaming and feeling like the game makers were personally judging his ability to roam randomly within a game’s world. All through to tales similar to and about his previous gala performances in which he questions professionals, such as architects, with increasingly ridiculous but well-written questions to see how long the professional façade can be maintained.

The mix of multimedia and traditional comedy storytelling was fun to watch. Certain moments where a visual gag was presented, instigated a lagged humour in where the crowd could laugh at different speeds depending on how quickly the joke is realised. Veitch demonstrated that he understood this, providing a nice speed to his jokes to cater for the diverse audience.

Veitch’s show is a great entry show into comedy. The PG rating and the style of the show worked well for older teens and young adults as a platform into experiencing adult stand up comedy while using multimedia and a presentation style they are already familiar with. That being said, it is still a great show for an older audience that didn’t feel like it was pandering to one particular audience group.

There were a few of the usual issues with a premiere of a fringe show. There was optimism in the amount of material to get through with Veitch skipping ahead but remembering to end on a big laugh. No doubt this will be tweaked over time

This clever, nerdy comedy show is running just over the final weekend of the Adelaide Fringe in the Box at the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

Reviewed by Alex Dunkin
Twitter: @AlexDunkin

Rating out of 5: 4

Venue:  The Box, The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide
Season:  13th-15th March 2020
Duration:  60 mins
Tickets:  $31.00-$33.50




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