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Fringe: Improv Shakespeare Or Improv Harry Potter? Why Not Both?

These improvised shows will amuse and amaze you as they conjure full plays from nothing but suggested titles from the audience. No plans. No scripts. No problem.


Soothplayers are bringing their two smash hit shows, Completely Improvised Shakespeare and Completely Improvised Potter, to Adelaide for the first time.

The premise of these Fringe shows is simple: the performers take a suggested title from the audience and then perform an entire play on the spot. Nothing is prepared or written down. Not even the musical accompaniment!

Completely Improvised Potter is a loving parody of the Boy Who Lived. The audience offers new titles of Potter books they wish could have been written into the Goblet of Fire, and the performers work their magic, playing out a year at Hogwarts in an hour like you have never seen it.

For Potter fans, it’s a delightful portkey into the fanfic you never knew you wanted. For muggles, it’s a brilliant night out for a laugh.

Did you hate Shakespeare in school? Completely Improved Shakespeare is sure to repair some of that trauma. It is a comedy show first—silly and unpretentious—but it is also just as likely to having you gasping as well as laughing.

The show is fastpaced and action-packed. Each performance is a brand-new play, using Shakespearean language, themes, and style.

Both shows are family friendly and are performed at the Parlour in Gluttony. When you book both at the same time online, you receive a discounted price!

What’s more, Soothplayers are so sure you’ll enjoy the show, they offer a Laugh or Your Money Back Guarantee — so you have nothing to lose (unless you’re a star-crossed lover).

Sound right up your Diagon Alley? Completely Improvised Shakespeare starts at 6pm and Completely Improvised Potter starts at 8:40pm, with both shows running from 25 February to 1 March.

Tickets range from $22 to $30 per person and you can grab yours at:

Soothplayers are a Melbourne-based theatre company that specialise in improvising stories. Performing together since 2015, they have improvised their shows to sold out audiences across Australia. They have performed nearly two hundred new Shakespearean plays in festivals, schools, and even weddings.

Check them out on Facebook too.

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