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Maho Magic Bar Is The Garden’s Most Instagrammably Sensational Magic Show

While you are served up flavours from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan’s most consummate master magicians will perform up-close an exclusive magic show at your own table.

Photo by Megan Best

You’ve probably seen it by now, a neon beacon on the east-side of the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

Maho Magic Bar is a taste of the glittering Japanese nightlife in Adelaide, with a strong dose of sensational magic.

It’s hard to not feast your eyes on the brand new venue, what’s hidden inside is just as cool.

The show itself takes heavy notes from Japanese magic bars: you enter a refined, bespoke bar and are entertained by master-class magicians, who give an exclusive performance at your table.

It’s a bespoke, multi-sensory and interactive experience that’s new to Adelaide Fringe, and only houses 30 people per session.

So who is on the lineup of magicians? We start with Shun Sugimoto, an award-winning performer and Master of Ceremonies. A lively character of consummate manners, he descends from a dynasty of renowned magicians… Will he live up to their expectations? The answer is ‘ah, not at all’; and the results are a hysterical clownish kerfuffle.

Fortunately, he is surrounded by far superior talent. Making up the magicians’ troupe are the prodigies of mischievous prowess, discovered by Broad Encounters last year in the labyrinthine tumult and high-octane energy of Japan’s nightlife capitals.

There is Kentaro Ikegami, a whip-smart magician who blends comedy with jaw-dropping sleight of hand.

Shohgo Yamashita is the pin-up boy from party capital Osaka and is a pioneer of magic with compelling storytelling.

Making the crowd gasp, Kaori Kitazawa is the kawaii princess of illusion, shaking up gender stereotypes in the typically male magician domain.

And finally, there is Sarito: quite possibly the craziest close-up magician on the planet, his daredevil repertoire includes needles, gaffer tape, detergent, stuffed animals and more.

A magic bar wouldn’t be complete without a menu to accompany the show, the meanu featured two things though; drinks and extra magic tricks .

Mysterious items like the ‘Crazy Panda Cameo’, the ‘Kareshi (Boyfriend) Experience’ and ‘Like a Record, Baby!’ are all on the menu.

The other menu features bespoke drinks, served by flare bartender James Burgess.

Sip from a traditional cedar masu cup of the highest-grade Junmai Daiginjo sake; treat yourself to a gorgeous cocktail made with sake, vodka or gin; find love with Japan’s famed Nikka and Hibiki whiskeys; or savour an Umeshu and soda, a refreshing Japanese liqueur made from an infusion of sweet plums and green tea flavouring.

Halfway through its season, Maho Magic Bar is one of the most exciting new additions to the Garden of Unearthly Delights’ roster and has received fantastic reception from Adelaidians (you can trust us, we loved it), noting that it’s a show that’s ideal for groups to attend.

Where: Maho Magic Bar at The Garden of Unearthly Delights
When: 14 February – March 15
Tickets: $49 to $59

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