Fringe: Overworked, Overweight And Over It? This Comedy Show Is For You

If there’s any act in the country that should know their way around a wine centre, it’s middle aged, mouthy mamas of mirth, Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs. They are the comedic super stars behind the successful touring show Women Like Us. With seven children between them, they’re as adept at delivering laughs as they are at delivering babies, and the two solo stand ups are renowned for their rapid fire stand up, rolling out the laughs every 15 seconds. It’s not just relentless, it’s an ab work out. It started out as an idea by two women comics to step away from the male dominated comedy scene into venues where women’s stories and experiences are centre stage. “We want our comedy to demystify a lot of the garbage that we’re fed about being women,” says Briggs. It’s a show all about women, but not just for women. “In the same way a comedy show by two men would never be seen as a bloke’s only show, Women Like Us is about making our experiences universal rather than ‘niche’. And as it turns out, there are a lot more Women Like Us out there than we ever realised. There’s even a growing tribe of men like us too!” The show is two hours of stand up comedy – an hour a piece by these powerful, no holds barred, tell-it-how-it-is pin up girls, who have both been praised by well-known personalities. Mandy Nolan is lauded by Olivia Newton-John for having, “a wicked sense of humour” and Taryn Brumfitt says Ellen Briggs’ comedy is, “hilarious, real, refreshing, honest, and hysterical!” Just the way you want it to be. Women Like Us is stand up at its best, where Ellen and Mandy talk about housework, chickens, love, big undies, disappointment, resentment, sex when you’re drunk, Fitbits, yoga farts and being a menopausal woman dealing with teenage angst. Women Like Us is on at the National Wine Centre on February 16 and 17. Get your hands on tickets at

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