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Fringe Review: 360 Allstars

This pumped-up urban circus makes you feel like you’re on a concrete basketball court in the streets of New York!

This pumped-up urban circus makes you feel like you’re on a concrete basketball court in the streets of New York!

Presented by: Onyx Productions

Reviewed: 17 February, 2024

360 degrees is a full rotation and Australia’s Onyx Productions has circled the globe to bring together seven outstanding (fully rounded?) professionals to make your head spin.

The cast is lead by the sensational vocalist and ringmaster Vida Sunshine from Ghana, who stands on a rear podium overlooking the action. She uses her stunning voice for spoken word and song, supported by music and projections to pace the grungy urban circus before her. She’s charismatic and energetic, and knows how to get an audience pumping.

Rounding off the backing entertainment is drumming sensation Ben Todd, also towering high above on a platform of his own.

The remaining five include world champions and world record holding artists of things that spin: bikes, balls, wheels and the human body.

Bboy Jack and Bboy Alejandro are breakdancers who know no limits. They dance and spin on their backs, heads, legs and hands. No part of their body is immune from hitting the floor. The speed at which these guys can spin, leap and show off their dancing talent is eye popping!

Freestyler Fume is a cross between a basketballer and a juggler, rolling a basketball around his body when not bouncing and throwing multiple balls arounds. He’s got the charm and cheek to make his act both fun and funny.

Inigo Arroy offers the most gripping experience of the show on a BMX bike, riding it around in ways never meant to be, and doing it at a pace that leaves no room for error, while Will Anton on the Cyr Wheel adds an element of grace and calm to this otherwise frenetic circus.

360 Allstars is loud. Very loud. It goes with the urban grunginess of the acts, the music and the graffiti tags projected on the roof above. While this is a family-friendly show, a couple of nearby children did find the volume distressing or uncomfortable.

The high stage in The Flamingo tent is ideal for the audience to see the action, but the first half of the floor is flat seating. Sit in the risers at the back for the best view, especially if you’re taking the young ones.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis

Photo credit: Matt Loncar

Venue: The Flamingo – Gluttony 
Season: 17 February – 17 March 2024
Duration: 60 mins
Tickets: $27-$39

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