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Fringe Review: 5 Mistakes That Changed History

A fun jaunt through some of history’s sillier episodes

A fun jaunt through some of history’s sillier episodes

Presented by: Paul Coulter

Reviewed: 14 March, 2024

Heading back to Adelaide after successful 2023 Adelaide and Edinburgh Fringe seasons, comedian and historian Paul Coulter tells five funny mistakes that changed the world; for better or for worse. Coulter sets the scene: history presented in a TED talk-esque fashion. 

We hear the hilarious tale of Alexander the Great’s (or not so great at paperwork) lack of will led to a heist with his body and centuries long success of one Egyptian dynasty. He shows off some light bedtime reading about how tomatoes changed the world (featuring a supreme court case), weaves the tale of the first female megastar, and how girls abroad to study brought forward female rights in Japan. He tells us of how Winston Churchill seemed to successfully use all of his nine lives. If you want to know the details, you’ll just have to see the show! 

Coulter cleverly weaves the well-researched facts with modern day parallels; turning historical figures into relatable misfits. His trusty powerpoint (not the first choice for most Fringe performers) of memes and historical photos and artefacts adds to his comedy and storytelling; allowing him to bridge the gap between past and present. Coulter is the high-school history teacher that you wished you had.

Reviewed by Natasha Wood

Venue: The Lark – Gluttony
Season: Until 17 March, 2024
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: $30 – $32

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