Fringe Review: A Little Less Conversation

A Litttle Less ConversationPresented by Dave Callen
Reviewed 21st Feb. 2013

Dave Callen dances a fine line between laughter, cringing, and awe. The cringe factor, I must hasten to add, is of ourselves and the realisation of our sheep- like gullibility that Dave Callen’s wit reveals to us. All of those music clips we watched, loved, and tried to emulate, are stripped bare in their inherent ridiculousness, and performed brilliantly by the big bearded man himself for our delight and enlightenment.

This parody of the most popular of our popular cultures uncovers for us the absurdities we have swallowed in the name of “cool” and makes us laugh at ourselves for doing so.

How did we ever take those musicians seriously? Why did we never question this before?

Is there a category of sociological humour? If so, Dave Callen is the master. This show truly is like nothing I, and probably you too, have ever seen, and has permanently changed the way I will experience musicians’ self images and the fashions in music.

See it, or wallow in permanent self-deception forever.

Reviewed by Christine Pyman, Visual Arts Critic and special guest Fringe Critic, Glam Adelaide

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Venue: Rhino Room (upstairs), Frome St, Adelaide
Season: 9:45pm 27th, 28th Feb, 1st, 2nd March 2013
Duration: 55 mins
Tickets: Adult $ 24.90/child $20.90
Bookings: Fringetix outlets ($2.75 booking fee applies) on line here, or 1300 621 255

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