Fringe Review: A Little More Less Conversation

Dave Callan

Comedian Dave Callan shimmies, twerks, boot-scoots and thrusts his way around the stage, revitalising physical comedy in an entertaining and utterly hilarious performance.

Dave Callan
Presented by Dave Callan and the Rhino Room
Reviewed 18 February 2014

Physical comedy has been revitalised in this entertaining and utterly hilarious performance that goes by the full title A Little Less Conversation 2 – A Little More Less Conversation. Dave Callan springs into the spotlight that he left in last year’s Adelaide Fringe with A Little Less Conversation, the first rendition. This season sees Callan shimmy, twerk, boot-scoot and thrust his way around the stage to the enormous pleasure of the completely sold out Rhino Room.

The premise of the show is simple: This tall, charming, Viking-like Irish-Australian gyrates around the stage in an alphabetical run down of the most famous, awkward, topical and, frankly embarrassing dances known to man. The 90s child in me delighted in Callan’s rendition of Hit Me Baby One More Time and was proud to discover that I remembered every move to Backstreets Back.

While he won’t be winning So You Think You Can Dance anytime soon, Callan embodies whichever performer he is imitating almost perfectly. Callan is supported by two superb back-up dancers who add to the performance without stealing the spotlight… except when they were meant to.

Callan’s comic timing is sensational and he manages mishaps, heckles, and his own lunacy with style and ease. Having seen his previous performances and being a fan from as far back as his time on Triple J, I did want just A Little More Conversation from this short show but I was not disappointed in the slightest.

Dave Callan not only makes me laugh until my mascara runs, but he makes me curse the lack of contemporary choreography (seriously, twerking is no substitute for the moonwalk or the Charleston), and wish that he would release a fitness video some time soon.

A must see on this season’s Fringe program.

Warning: first two rows will be made to dance, slapped with phallic props and get wet (from the dripping sweat).

Reviewed by Jenna Woods

Venue: Rhino Room; 13 Frome St, Adelaide
Season: 18-22, 25-27 February 2014
Duration: 55 minutes
Tickets: $19.50 – $22.50
Bookings: Book through FringeTix online or phone 1300 621 255


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