Fringe Review: A Murder Most Foul: Murder Mystery in the Sky

Aboard the Airship Adelaide, murder is afoot and the race is on to see who can solve the crime.

Murder is afoot! Can you solve the crime?

Reviewed at the Adelaide Oval on 28 February 2019

Presented by Red Fez Productions

Red Fez Productions are back with another interactive murder-mystery dinner in the style of the once-popular How to Host a Murder games. Guests are issued with a character and a rolling set of clues – some to divulge and others to keep secret as they interrogate each other and piece together the dastardly deed.

The reading time and two rounds of action are interspersed with a delicious 4-course buffet, catered by the excellent Adelaide Oval functions staff. Host, Phil Kalogeras, introduces the game and provides further instructions before taking on minor characters as the game evolves, as does his trusty crew.

Participants are invited to get into the game as much as they dare. About half were dressed for the era on Thursday night, with the other half in regular clothing. Some acted out their character, accents and all, while others just read from their clue sheets. There’s no right or wrong way, and the variety of styles and skills made for an entertaining night aboard the maiden voyage of the Airship Adelaide. Time flew by, with the initial warm-up games helping to bond the room full of strangers from the start.

Red Fez Productions cater the game to the number of participants and their willingness to participate. Each night may include some alternative characters, although I dare say the victim(s) and his/her killer(s) will remain unchanged for the season.

A Murder Most Foul: Murder Mystery in the Sky delivers on a lot of laughs and an equal amount of confusion as the deductions roll in at the end of the night. The delicious buffet meal is a bonus. It’s a great way to spend an evening making new friends and frenemies, all for the worthy cause of bringing the guilty to justice.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Venue:  Audi Stadium Club, John Halbert Room, Adelaide Oval
Season:  Until 9 March 2019
Duration:  3.5 hours
Tickets:  $82 – $87, includes a 4-course meal

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