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Fringe Review: Another Unwasted Evening – The Genius of Tom Lehrer

A trip down memory lane, back to my student years

A trip down memory lane, back to my student years

Presented by: Antony (Dr.H) Hubmayer
Reviewed: 25 February, 2024

Dr H, Antony Hubmayer, is a brilliant pianist and a great cabaret performer. His journey through the songs and humour of Tom Lehrer is a delight, bringing back memories for the audience of the time they first heard these clever satires on politics and religion, back in the day. He mixes biographical details of Lehrer and the backstory of the songs, many of which were banned from the radio when they were first released, to provide an amusing, informative and most enjoyable show.

I think my favourite Tom Lehrer songs which were performed by Dr H, are Poisoning Pigeons in the Park and We Will All Go Together When We Go. These were recorded in 1959 with the second song a satire on the nuclear threats of the Cold War at that time. Although the song is amusing, this one in particular makes one think about how little progress the human race has made when this threat still hangs over us in an even more divided world than back in the 1950s and 60s.

The Jade is a lovely venue but I do wish they would get some better seats, or at least some thicker cushions! Dr H may have been joking when he said the show had a minimal budget and couldn’t afford a sound tech, but I do wish they had completed a more thorough sound check. The microphone popping on certain consonants distracted from the performance as did the same overly loud volume, whether the song was an audience sing-along or a ballad. 

However, these are very minor issues so do go along and relive a little of your bolshie, subversive youth with Dr H.

Reviewed by Jan Kershaw

Venue: The Jade
Season: Friday 1 March 6pm, Sunday 10 March 4pm, Friday 15 March 6pm
Duration: 60 mins
Tickets:$35, conc $30

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