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Fringe Review: Attenborough and his Animals

Attenborough and his Animals is hilarious from start to finish. You laugh at the pure joy this show offers.


Presented by Clownfish Theatre and James Seabright
Reviewed 3rd March 2020

Attenborough and his Animals is hilarious from start to finish. You laugh at the pure joy this show offers. As we walk into the venue the audience enjoy being greeted by host Jonathan Tilley with warm welcomes and hand shakes. Whilist waiting for the venue to fill, it is co host Jess Clough-McRae who catches your eye as she explores the stage quietly with a great deal of anticipation. Once the show begins the audience eargerly becomes involved in reliving the work of Sir David Attenborough as we delve right back to the days of his show where he would bring animals to the stage for people to see. Keen to revive this show Jonathan has enlisted Jess’s help to bring Sir David to the Adelaide Fringe. However, it hasn’t quite gone to plan.

Never fear Jess is here to act out all creatures great and small across our Blue Planet whilst Jonathan puts on his greatest Attenborough accent. The humor that follows is nothing short of side hurting laughter as Jess pulls some of the best facial expressions I have seen in my life and acts with such dedication that the depiction of each animal is so realistic you can visualise the real thing before Jonathan has even named the animal. I will honestly never look at crabs the same and it was life altering to find out my husband apparently smells like a female grey kangaroo who’s ready for some action. I could see this show a million times and never get bored; it is just that good. The children in the audience were on the edge of their seats and the adults were mostly falling off them sideways from laughing so hard. These two geniuses never faulted in their performance and even showed their dedication to the natural world by selling stickers after the show with all money going to the Kangaroo Island Wildlife foundation.

Reviewed by Tara Forbes-Godfrey

Rating 0ut of 5: 5 The world needs more shows like this. Incredibly entertaing and laughing this hard is something everyone should experience.

Venue: Cupola at The Garden of Unearthly Delights
Season:  3rd -15th March (excluding Adelaide Cup Monday)
Duration: 60 mins
Tickets:  $25-$30

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