Fringe Review: Aussie Hunks Australia: Fullmonty All Male Review Show

Aussie Hunks Australia

The men are buff, lean, Caucasian and hairless, and there’s enough pelvic thrusts and flexing biceps to raise the pitch of screaming women higher than the roof.


Aussie Hunks Australia

Vegas, Jimmy, James and Daniel in the Aussie Hunks Australia Fullmonty All Male Review Show

Presented by Aussie Hunks Australia
Reviewed 21 February 2014

It’s raining men and in the wild wild west of the city, the only hoedown is the ‘ho’ between their legs.

The instructions are clear – you have to squeal to reveal – and host Rocco has the showmanship to make it happen each time he introduces Daniel, Vegas, Mike, James and Dane.

The men are buff, lean, Caucasian and hairless from the neck down. Hirsute lovers, chocolate appreciators and those hoping for a bit of Asian persuasion are likely to be disappointed by the lack of variety, but that’s no slight on the talent or appeal of the guys on show.

Choreographed routines have the men dancing both individually and as a synchronised troupe, with enough pelvic thrusts and flexing biceps to raise the pitch of the screaming women higher than the roof. Think of a clichéd tune and the song was there, from the Village People’s YMCA to the contextually suggestive Bad to the Bone, Cherry Pie, Love Shack, Hurts So Good, R.E.S.P.E.C.T., and Greased Lightning. The movements are a tad repetitive by the end but are executed well, particularly by Mike Wild, whose high energy, acrobatic dance skills stand out well above the rest.

The men tease and manipulate the audience with plenty of full-contact foreplay as they entice girls on stage or parade between the tables, flirting with a lucky few. They’re not shy when it comes to baring all and indeed, they do, each working the appreciative crowd with a slow strip tease until the final reveal. Before then however, fantasies come to life – policeman, fireman, sailors, military officers, cowboys…

On tech, Phil makes the music distorted and the house lights flash, keeping the show pumped and the audience primed. Topless waiters, all body beautiful too, serve up drinks and themselves. Lap dances, photo opportunities and luxurious kisses are rifer than the merchandise for sale.

It’s a late show, ending after midnight, with the two halves separated by an overlong interval and dance party. Oddly, the few men in the audience are deliberately ignored from the stage, with all dialogue directed to the ladies only. There’s no acknowledgement of a mixed audience at all, not even jokingly.

Aussie Hunks Australia is a local company with a much broader catalogue of strippers and topless waiters than those on display for their Fringe show. It’s a shame they were so limited in body type and ethnicity this time, but it was impossible to hear any complaints over the regular squeals of delight.

Prudes not invited.

Reviewed Rod Lewis

Venue: Nexus Cabaret, Lion Arts Centre, cnr North Tce & Morphett St, Adelaide
Season: 14 February – 14 March 2014
Duration: 2.5 hour
Tickets: $39.50
Bookings: Book through FringeTix online or phone 1300 621 255


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