Fringe Review: Baby Wants Candy

Fringe Review: Baby Wants Candy

A musical improv show with music, comedy and little bit of the unknown.


Baby Wants Candy are a musical improv theatre ensemble who reside in La Cascadeur during the Fringe. By musical improv, they literally mean all songs – music and lyrics – are entirely improvised on the spot. If you love surprises, musical theatre and the occasional awkward moment, you’ll be blown away.

Just warning you now, they will ask for audience suggestions for the show, so start thinking now! Previous options include ‘Kanye West Side Story’, ‘Mary Poppins Has Ebola’ and the ever-popular ‘The President Has Tiny Hands’. On the night, our suggestion was a show about cheese, so much less… inventive than previous shows, and a lot less to work with. But still, the ensemble did a fantastic job with such a limiting suggestion, and actually came up with something that flowed well and hit a few jokes along the way.

The great thing about improv is every night is new, so you could see it again and again and get a completely different show each time. Every cast member put in 100% whether they were on or off stage, and despite continually pushing one another out of their comfort zones, you could tell they were all quite confident together and meshed well.

While this is highly recommended if you want improv, don’t be fooled by the name, it is definitely not for children. But if you’re an adult who loves musicals, shows that move at a fast pace, and a little bit of audience suggestion, you should definitely get tickets.


Baby Wants Candy

Venue: Le Cascadeur at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Full Price: $35.00 to $38.00
Group 6+: $30.00
Concession: $32.00
Cheap Tuesday: $30.00
Honey Pot: $0.00


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