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Fringe Review: Bald Eagles – Hell Over-Freezes

The Bald Eagles have entertained audiences for 14 years with truthful reditions of Eagles classics. With their new show, Hell Over-freezes, will they delight once more or go the way of the band they so faithfully cover.

Presented by The Bald Eagles
Reviewed 16 Feb 2018

From 1971 to 1980 the Eagles were seen as the premier rock group from California. They extended their popularity throughout the globe and becoming multi-Grammy winners with a handful of number 1 hits. Then in 1980 it all fell apart. Singer and Drummer Don Henley said the band would get back together ‘when Hell freezes over.’ In 1994 Hell did indeed freeze over and the Eagles reunited. The Bald Eagles look to recreate the tension, banter and togetherness that was the Eagles breakup and reunification.

The Bald Eagles new show is Hell Over-Freezes. A celebration of the songs and attitudes that made the Eagles great. The Bald Eagles have been together for 14 years, exactly the same amount of time the Eagles were on hiatus. It’s over these 14 years that the Bald Eagles have developed the chemistry, animosity, hate and love with each other to bring an authentic Eagles performance to life.

The sound of the Bald Eagles is spot on. The harmonies produced by this six piece band blend and synch with each other to create a mesmerising performance that reminds you of how stunning the Eagles were. This time around the group brings in a string trio to compliment the rhythm and blues sounds of the ‘California Rock’ Eagles. This collaboration of soulful rock and eloquent strings along with powerful vocals from lead singer, Alan Rosewarne, comes together to produce a true-to-life cover of the Eagles which is enough its own to be a unique entertaining performance.

The consistent banter between singers Alan Rosewarne and Colin Koch recreates the Eagles rift to entertain and engage the crowd and build an atmosphere in between the amazing tracks.

The Bald Eagles are performing two shows for the Fringe at the GC. One on the 21st of February and another on the 11th of March. Get your tickets now through Fringe tix for a fantastic Eagles spectacular.

Reviewed by Jonathon Tonkin

Rating: 4/5

Venue: The GC
Season: 11 March 2018
Duration: 90 mins
Tickets: $35

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