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Fringe Review: Believable – Martin Brock

Magical and proof that the hand is indeed quicker than the eye

Magical and proof that the hand is indeed quicker than the eye

Presented by: Martin Brock & The Garage International

Reviewed: 19 February, 2024

Young, good-looking Martin Brock is Danish and as a magician he is a great Dane!

Brock is polished, humorous, slick, smooth, has a nice line of patter, a great cheeky smile and very quick with his sleight of hand and prestidigitation.

Some of his tricks aren’t new (e.g. ‘the bottle and glass in tubes’ trick) but when done well one never tires of them – and these are done extremely well. His original stuff is wonderful and brilliantly magical. Especially the playing with blank pieces of paper to pictorially demonstrate Frank Sinatra’s It Was A Very Good Year. Also, be aware that aluminum foil has the ability to dance around on its own, and never, ever play Poker with Brock.

Brock and his show are well worth getting your wand out for and seeing. Unfortunately, the venue is not. On opening night Brock and the audience were distracted by his head mic emitting static all through the performance – so much so that he asked for it to be turned off (but it wasn’t). Hopefully this can be rectified. The other main problem is when Brock uses a camera on the auditorium floor to demonstrate some of his tricks: the screen that the video is projected onto needs to be a little higher than it is so that everyone can see what’s happening. My guest had someone quite tall in front of them and missed a lot of what was happening whenever the camera was used. It just needs to be higher or Brock could perform all of the show from the stage.

Let me stress that the above problems are those of the venue and not of Brock. This is a great fun show and I can’t wait to see his other one at Gluttony. I don’t think you will either after seeing this one.

Reviewed by Brian Godfrey

Photo credit: Richard Faverty

Venue: The Garage International @ The Adelaide Town Hall
Season: 19 Feb – 16 March 2024
Duration: 60 mins
Tickets: $25 – $35

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