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Fringe Review: Bernie Dieter’s Little Death Club

The darkest, funniest and most debauched kabarett club this side of Berlin! A Weimar-punk jazz band soundtracks a hazy night of dangerously funny kabarett, breathtaking circus and fire-breathing sideshow at its most inappropriate, provocative and hilarious best.

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Bernie Dieter's Little Death Club

An abundance of talent, debauchery and fun, all rolled into a sexy Fringe package.

Reviewed Saturday February 16th 2019 at the Wonderland Spiegeltent, Gluttony Hot damn. This sexy rollercoaster of fun is a Fringe must. If Jessica Rabbit had a tad more personality, and better dress sense, I feel like Bernie Dieter could be the human incarnation of the world’s most lust after cartoon. She’s 100% vixen, fabulously funny, and commands an audience like nobody I’ve ever seen. Bernie Dieter owned the audience from the moment her brilliant voice filled the air and her sass took over Wonderland. She had us firmly planted under the spiky sequined heel of her stiletto, exactly where she wanted us. Bernie heads up a fabulous cohort of talented kabarett misfits for this show, who have been collected across the clubs of Europe for our entertainment pleasure. I’d go just to watch the raven-haired German cabaret goddess again, but it’s all bang for your buck when you also get amazing live music, with a Weimar-punk jazz band accompanying the visual smorgasbord on offer. One of our Fringe favourites Gingzilla returns for another year, after winning, in previous years, the Weekly Fringe Award and the Overall Adelaide Fringe Innovation Award. Be prepared for more 7 foot drag queen glamour, paired with humour and a jaw-dropping voice. You’ll also be treated to astonishing aerial feats from a beautiful gender-bender contortionist Beau Sargent, whose  graceful acrobatics lure you into thinking these feats are achievable, when they’re essentially on par with something more fitting for etherial creatures from some sexy other world that we’re not cool enough to know about. There’s also fire breathing with a twist, and a satirical eye-opener by Leah Shelton who also stars in her own show, Bitch on Heat. If you’re open to adult themes, nudity, and one hell of a good time, slide this show into your schedule. It’s well worth its rave reviews.

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