Fringe Review: Big Girls Donut Cry

Fringe Review: Big Girls Donut Cry

This is a comedy routine that really hasn’t a lot of information concerning the Camino de Santiago

If you want to know about the Camino de Santiago, this is not the place to find it

Reviewed at Masonic Lodge - Gluttony on 20 February 2019

Presented by: Tor Snyder

Big Girls Donut Cry is not at all what its write up suggests it to be. The show is advertised: “After finishing the Camino de Santiago, an 800km pilgrimage across Spain, Tor Snyder is ready to tell you everything she’s been trying not to cry about. From sleepless nights in a 90 bed dorm to sunrises over the hills of Spain, this show will make you laugh, cry and hungry for donuts”.

There were no stories of sunrises over Spain and all you heard about the Camino was that she got a blister, the dorm beds had bed bugs, they weren’t especially clean and she had some not so nice encounters with men. Mix that with the artist openly being proud of the fact that she had made a two hour drive while under the influence of acid to tell her sister the grand idea of going on this trip, and understandably the audience felt a little bit put off.

However it shouldn’t have shocked the audience that we were not in for a great show all about the Camino when Tor Snyder opened her show by saying “Now look I had a bit of a thing with an audience member last night because she said oohh I thought this show was going to be about the Camino…we’ll get there eventually okay”. I would have thought that was maybe a cue for the artist to realise the audience was under a different impression and should maybe make it the focus of her show rather than the audience needing to sit through 50mins of crochet tampon and first period stories which in anyone’s mind is a far different subject topic than what was advertised.

Tor does ask the audience if anyone has any questions about the Camino, however, I and others felt what was the point as no valuable answer would be forthcoming for those wishing to make this pilgrimage in the future.

For comedy show lovers the low point of any show is when an artist resorts to the oldest most over used line ever “oh it’s like Elizabeth but 5 times worse” It just highlights ignorance from out of state comedians and no originality.

This show should be advertised as a feminist driven show about being a middle aged, single woman and the situations women face when travelling the world. If advertised for what it was it may have been funny. However, if you are expecting the Camino, you will be disappointed. The venue also adds to the disappointment by being a small very cramped, very hot room.

Reviewed by Tara Forbes-Godfrey

Venue:  The Little Sparrow at Gluttony – Masonic Lodge
Season: 21st-23rd Feb
Duration: 55 minutes
Tickets:  $13 – $18


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