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Fringe Review: Blanc de Blanc Encore

A glamorous Parisian affair featuring an outrageously gorgeous and outstandingly talented troupe of body performers.


Presented by Strut & Fret
Reviewed 19 February 2020

A world of hedonism is on offer with the sex-saturated Blanc de Blanc Encore’s arrival to Adelaide Fringe.

The theme of the show is champagne, and from the opening number, it is a drenched affair, with an outrageously gorgeous and outstandingly talented troupe.

With Blanc de Blanc, the devil is in the carefully cultivated details. From the set design, in which a ball backdrop acts as both an entrance and a gag of the show, to the excellent lightshow, which creates a distinctly sensual mood.

The group is led by hosts Felix and Remi, devilish Frenchmen who bring the greater part of the comedy, and the undeniable chemistry of two good friends.

The duo’s natural charisma, paired with house-shaking acrobatics, a singer straight from what we imagine is the velvety smoke-filled bars of 1920s Paris (singing in English), an unbelievable contortionist, and a range of body performers, will leave jaws hanging.

The venue does its best to be conducive for the show but the nature of the performance makes it hard to see certain performers as they move through crowds. Line up early and nab front row seats. You might even be lucky enough to be pulled up, and take it from us, the interaction with audience members looks like a lot of fun.

There is an intermission but as expected, it’s a chaotic flurry of bodies moving to duck to the toilet and grab drinks, so don’t look for ease of movement.

As one of the headline shows, Blanc de Blanc Encore lives up to Strut & Fret’s reputation and takes its place as one of the must-sees of this year’s Adelaide Fringe.

Reviewed by Neely Karimi
Twitter: @neely_karimi

Venue:  Garden of Unearthly Delights, Fortuna Spiegeltent
Season:  14 Feb – 15 March
Duration:  2 hours
Tickets:  $69 – $79

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