Fringe Review: By a Thread

Fringe Review: By a Thread

30 metres of rope and 7 acrobats. By a Thread is an amazing idea which showed off wicked tunes and a talented cast!


Fringe Review: By a Thread
Presented by: One Fell Swoop Circus
Reviewed: 2nd March 2018

What I knew before going in was that this show had 7 acrobats and 30 meters of rope. Intrigued? I certainly was!

By a Thread kept the audience engrossed from start to finish with their acrobatic skills. The mere simplicity of having a rope as the only prop was just as clever as it was mesmerizing.

The style of this performance is not something that you associate with a circus show. Instead of the usual raunchy or comedic side we are so used to we were treated to a stripped down performance.

The talent of the cast was outstanding. As an audience, you are always going to be amazed by the strength, fearlessness and intricacy of tricks acrobats do (I mean the closest trick I can do is a handstand…in a pool…barely!). But the element that really stood out for me throughout this show, separate to the obvious wow factors, was how the cast worked together as a team. If someone was up on one side of the rope, the other six were on the other side acting as the base.

Unfortunately, the lack of a narrative did bring down the performance. If there was more of a theme or storyline I believe this would have improved the show and given the audience something a bit more to go home with.

All in all, you will enjoy a night of going “how the hell can they do that?” and questioning your own acrobatic skills (or in my case, lack thereof). Amazing idea, some wicked tunes and a talented cast.

Reviewed by: Emma Shortt
Rating out of 5: 3.5


Venue: The Peacock @ Gluttony
Season: 2nd – 18th March
Tickets: Full Price: $20-35 Child: $22 Family: $90 Group 6+: $28

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