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Fringe Review: Charlie & the Bin Chicken

Energetic, fun, super silly and perfect for families with young children

Energetic, fun, super silly and perfect for families with young children

Presented by: Art For Earthlings
Reviewed: 17 February, 2024

Charlie and Stewy are facing their first day back at school and there’s a national crisis: bin chickens are taking over the world! Australia’s intrepid PM has issued a plea for help and the promise of one dollar for every bird caught. What easier way could there be for these two 10-year-old terrors to make enough money for a lifetime supply of sausage rolls?

Steve the Ibis is an environmental crusader, ensuring every bit of rubbish in the school yard goes in the bin. But now poor Steve is on the run, trying to outwit his pesky pursuers. What ensues is a high energy show featuring original rap numbers, pumping soundtrack, cool dance numbers, quick costume changes (Steve appears as the bin chicken, principle of the school, PE teacher and a few others) and fabulous comic performance and timing from the three actors.

The show turns on its liveliness and audience interactions far more than its plot or story, which was perfect for younger audience members. My eight-year-old son adored the questions posed to the audience, fake fish food thrown to them and the literal chase through the aisles as Stewey and Charlie try to catch Steve. The overall tone is humorous and silly (point in case: math requires one to “subtact” and “multifly”). While costumes are basic, they’re also effective (my favourite was the light-up squids) and the performers switch characters with precision. It also carries an important message about looking after our environment and gave the kids an opportunity to join in on this topic.

Little kids in the audience clearly had a great time with lots of laughs and interaction, though my eleven-year-old shot me the sideways “stink eye” several times to communicate she was far too sophisticated for the likes of such carry on. For parents, note that the tent does have good air-conditioning and the show is perfect for younger kids, probably with a cut-off age around nine years. Having reviewed kids’ Fringe shows for over a decade now, I can confirm there are lots of ‘so, so’ shows out there but this is not one of them. The performers should be congratulated on their professionalism, energy and contagious silliness. It’s the perfect show for families with younger kids who want to experience great live performance. The eight-year-old rated it as a four out of five star show – it lost a point for failing to let the kids keep the polystyrene fish food. As a parent with a house full of kid clutter, I thank them for taking it back and raise their rating to five stars!

Reviewed by Samantha Bond

Venue: The Lark at Gluttony
Season: 17-25 February
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: $15 – $25

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