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Fringe Review: CIRCUS The Show

A funny wholesome family show for everyone

A funny wholesome family show for everyone

Presented by: Showmen Productions

Reviewed: 18 February, 2024

It was hot but this didn’t deter families from piling into the Gluttony’s Moa, in hopes of air conditioning. To be honest, I feel that was more me. Score one, it’s air-conditioned. 

The show starts with a lone clown. If you detest clowns as I do, I can guarantee you’ll love ‘Clown’ from CIRCUS The Show! The clown is so well-played, they endear themselves to coulrophobes. 

What I found surprising, I found myself laughing with the children in the audience! Yes, there are innocent ‘adult’ jokes, however, the jokes specifically for the little ones along with the chorus of little voices will draw you in. 

The room itself is electrically charged with the enthusiasm of those who are a child at heart. It makes this show absolutely for everyone, including childless weirdos as I was called by the ringmaster when asking who was in the audience. 

Never did I think I would thoroughly enjoy a show specifically written for children and those of us with short attention spans. Each act is approximately five to ten minutes long, just enough to keep those young minds interested and immersed. You’ll hear oohs and ahs from the audience as each performer engages us all with their skills. In between each act, the exuberant ringmaster determinedly strides out and bewitches the audience members. 

The winner for me? This shocks me to say, the clown! They’re not just child-like funny but the humour is intelligently intermingled with jocularity that appeals to adults. All this from a performer who doesn’t even speak. Then you have the show’s finale, which once again includes the clown and a giant balloon. 

Yes, by all means, bring the family but do not discount this show as a ‘kids only’ show. CIRCUS The Show appeals to absolutely everybody. Even childless weirdos, like myself.

Reviewed by Anastazija Hankins

Venue: The Moa – Gluttony
Season: 18 February – 17 March, 2024
Duration: 60 mins
Tickets: from $25 – Family tickets available

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